Parade Float Features Jailed Hillary [Pics]

In the small Iowa town of Arcadia Iowa, where the local fire department was celebrating its 100-year anniversary, a parade featured a scandal-plagued Democrat presidential nominee in a place where millions of Americans would like to see her, not out of vengeance, but for the sake of equality under the law — justice.

In jail.

Dressed in her famous orange jumpsuit, the float showed a jailed Hillary Clinton being pulled down the road by a four-wheeler driven by a man wearing an Uncle Sam costume. Appropriately attached to the parade float was a professionally printed”Hillary for Prison 2016″ campaign sign, dressed up with several American flags.

The Daily Times Herald reports that the float of jailed Hillary was a big hit among most parade attendees, with even some children using “Hillary” as target practice with water balloons.

A young blond boy, no more than 8 years old, ran out into the street near the intersection of West Center and South Gault streets because one float was handing out water balloons. The child grabbed his balloon, took aim and did his best Nolan Ryan impression as he fired the balloon at a man dressed in an orange jumpsuit and Hillary Clinton mask while standing on a platform inside bars, fencing and barbed wire above a “Hillary For Prison” sign tacked onto the side.

Bull’s eye.

The prideful smile of a job well done was written all over the boy’s face.

Some in the crowd were laughing and cheering as the float rolled by, but others could be heard moaning and grumbling that it was “over the top” or “a bit too much.”

“It was my idea,” Kyle Julin of Manilla said. “Pretty much me and Josh (Reetz). It took us about a day-and-a-half to build.”

Julin said he, Reetz and Adam Corky (Clinton impersonator) are not affiliated with any official political organization. Julin said he’s an independent and as of March 2014, Reetz was a registered Democrat.

Hillary Parade Float

Hillary for Prison Float

You gotta love the politically incorrect nature of this ribbing of Hillary Clinton. God bless Iowa. You won’t see this kind of parade float in NYC or LA.

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