Parents Outraged After Students Forced to Answer Raunchy Questions From Teacher

Image Credit: ABC 15 - Phoenix, AZ

Parents are justifiably shocked and outraged after seeing the questions their ninth through twelfth grade children were made to answer at a high school in Laveen, AZ, a suburb of Phoenix.

At the Betty Fairfax High School, student were given a list of 200 probing questions, many of which were highly personal, inappropriate, and frankly, none of any educator’s damn business, including:

  • “Would you attend a wife-swapping party?”
  • “Do you prefer ordinary sex?”
  • “Do you watch pornographic videos?”

Understandably, some parents were livid and made their objections loud and clear on social media.

“If this happened to most anyone’s kids, the parents would be beside themselves with disgust and anger,” Karn Juhle posted. “In my opinion, this person is a sick f**k who should get serious jail time.”

“It is regrettable it happened,” Phoenix Union High School District spokesman Craig Pletenik told KPHO. “We apologize to our students for being exposed to that. We apologize to our parents that something like that was given to our classes at the school.”

According to ABC News 15 – Phoenix, the teacher has been placed on “administrative leave” and an investigation has been launched to look into the matter.

Another parent, Karina Vegas, said that it was “very, very, very inappropriate for my 15-year-old kid — those questions,” and told ABC 15 that her son refused to tell her some of the questions on the personality quiz because he was so embarrassed.

The name of the teacher has not been released and the school district declined to come on camera to explain the matter, according to the ABC 15 report.

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