Pathetic: Rubio the Robot Repeats His Non-Answer 8 Times When Asked About Amnesty

Do you know what Marco Rubio ’s plan for dealing with illegal immigration is? Nobody seems to as the senator who serves as the Republican face of amnesty continually dodges questions concerning illegal immigration.

The same man who pushed the “Gang of Eight” amnesty bill alongside Democrats is, not-surprisingly, the one top-tier Republican candidate who refuses to unequivocally rule-out rewarding illegal immigrants with the gift of amnesty.

In fact, Rubio has even revealed that if elected, he does not even intend to rescind Obama’s illegal executive amnesty order right away. When Sen. Ted Cruz declared as such, Rubio called him a liar.

As a general rule, we simply cannot trust a person who is running for public office who outright refuses to make their viewpoints on important issues known.

Like Nancy Pelosi ’s infamous assertion that we needed to pass Obamacare to see what was in it, Rubio seems to assert that we need to elect him before we can know where he stands on amnesty.

Rubio has been criticized for his apparent inability to conjure direct and articulable talking points. Repeatedly rehashing the rehearsed talking points crafted for him, when Rubio gets in trouble, he falls-back to repeating the same answers.

On Monday night, Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly grilled Rubio for being unwilling to articulate his stance on amnesty. The 2016 Republican contender ducked and dodged but simply refused to voice his support for enforcing the law but, instead, simply kept reverting back to a slightly-variating “It depends on what the American people will support.”

In fact, in just a single segment, the senator stumbled back to “It depends on what the American people will support” a whopping eight times.

Rubio vaguely explained his position with tremendously-ambiguous terms, describing the “work permits” that illegals could obtain that could keep them in good standing with the government for a “significant period of time”- whatever the hell that means.

Rubio, once thought to be a Tea Party candidate, may have once been a conservative, but this race has shown him to be an amalgamation of some of the worst traits of candidates on both sides of the spectrum.

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He lashes-out at anyone who confronts him on his positions as a “liar” like Donald Trump, he embraces a “pathway to citizenship” not unlike Jeb Bush and he ducks and dodges on important issues like Hillary Clinton.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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