Paul Ryan Calls Trump Unity Meeting ‘Very Encouraging;’ Falls Short of Endorsing [VIDEO]

In a press conference following the much-ballyhooed “unity” meeting with Donald Trump and Republican National Committee (RNC) head Reince Priebus, Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan called the meeting “very encouraging,” but warned that it would take much more than a 45-minute meeting to bridge the differences between the two.

Ryan said that it was “no secret” that he and Trump have significant “differences” and that they were discussed at the meeting on Monday morning (he didn’t identify what they were), but the meeting’s goal was to seek common ground on major principles in order to move towards party unification before the GOP convention in July.

“It was important that we discussed our difference that we have but it’s also important that we discussed the core principles that tie us all together — principles like the Constitution, the separation of powers — the fact that we have an executive that is going way beyond the boundaries of the Constitution and how it’s important to us that we restore Article I of the Constitution.”

It’s interesting that Ryan would be concerned about Dictator Obama being replaced by another dictator — a very valid concern, especially considering Trump’s authoritarian leanings — since he and his cronies sat on their hands and not only allowed, but funded every single one of Obama’s unconstitutional acts and Congress surrendered without a fight.

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When one senator, Ted Cruz, tried to stand up to Obama, he was vilified by Boehner, Ryan and company as a pariah. Now he’s concerned about separation of powers? That constitutional principle should and must be restored, but I don’t remember Paul Ryan standing up and fighting against Obama’s lawlessness.

Ryan said he was “very encouraged by what he heard from Donald Trump” but fell short of endorsing the liberal New York bloviating billionaire and reality TV actor.

“I do believe that we are now planting the seeds to get ourselves unified to bridge the gaps and differences,” Ryan argued, claiming he and Trump were going to work further to seek common ground.

No word on if Trump still thinks that the father of Ted Cruz, Rafael Cruz, assisted Lee Harvey Oswald in the murder of JFK or how that bridge could be built if Trump accuses Ryan of such nonsense whenever they have a disagreement.

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