RINO Ryan Lays-Out List of Unreasonable DEMANDS that GOP Must Meet Before He Would Run for Speaker

Democrats missed out on an opportunity on Wednesday as Vice President Biden declared that he would not be running for the office of the president. Biden’s rumored run would have provided an opportunity for the DNC to abandon the sinking Hillary ship, but not, with the Biden lifeboat gone, there is little to do but to instruct the band to play on and endure the Hillary disaster.

Democrats, however, were not the only party to endure a startling announcement; Republican moderate Rep. Paul Ryan has been rumored to be considering a run for Speaker of the House. On Wednesday, Ryan announced he would be open to the idea if, and only if, Republicans would pledge to follow his leadership almost unquestionably.

In other words: it’s his way or the highway.

Ryan is a favorite for weak establishment Republicans who believe that by behaving as Democrats, that will, somehow, strengthen Republican efforts.

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However, current outgoing Speaker John “Bendover” Boehner is a prime example of why that line of thinking is flawed. Since ascending to the top of the pile, Boehner has instituted a policy of “leadership” dedicated to surrender. On fiscal fights and on important policy issue fights, the Republican leadership has remained dedicated to caving to Democrat demands and as a result, Boehner is retiring in disgrace as a means of saving face before a leadership challenge can emerge.

With that recent humiliation in mind, Ryan has announced some demands that must be met before he would oh-so-graciously accept the nomination for Speaker. Fox News reports that the demands are as follows:

He wants broad support across the Republican conference, specifically the endorsement of all the major caucuses.

He wants House rules changed to overhaul what is known as the “motion to vacate the chair” — a parliamentary weapon members can use to try and oust a speaker.

He wants to be able to spend time with his family, and not be on the road as much as previous speakers.

Ryan issued the ultimatum and claimed that he would give the House until Friday to decide whether they will meet his lofty demands. If they don’t, he said, he would be “happy” to remain as the chairman of the Ways and Means Committee.

While few could fault Ryan for wishing to spend more time with his family, the real trouble with his demands are found in the first two stipulations.

For tyrants, there is something inherently terrifying about dissent. The conservatives of the Republican Party may be troublesome to those who routinely abandon Republican principles, but the solution is to step in-line with conservative principles, not to demand a loyalty pledge from conservatives who stand as the protectors of conservative principles in the House.

Second, the ability of the House to oust a wayward Speaker is not only a noble tradition, but a practical one. With Ryan possessing a long history of RINO-esque behavior, not only should Republicans be very wary of a Ryan speakership, but should now be outright terrified of the prospect now that he demands a promise of job security that simply is not conducive to our nation’s premises of representative democracy and checks and balances.

If we apply Ryan’s hubris to the private sector world, we see that he is simply not worth the trouble. If a man, even a sought-after prospect, begrudgingly arrives at a job interview with a list of demands that ensures himself unbridled job security and the unquestioned loyalty of his employer, such a candidate should be dismissed right away. There would be no sense of accountability.

Similarly, not only is Ryan’s list of demands unworkable, it’s insulting and beneath the stature of the House of Congress.

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Greg Campbell
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