RINO Paul Ryan Just Received a BADASS Challenge That He Can’t Ignore [VIDEO]

Establishment RINO cronyist Paul Ryan is in for the a historic fight of his political life against primary challenger, conservative businessman Paul Nehlen, an outsider who has never sought or been elected to political office before and this brand new, utterly badass campaign ad is evidence that Nehlen is going to hit Ryan harder than perhaps he’s ever been hit before — and in the right places.

The new ad, entitled Truth Resurrection, features a badass, sleeveless, tattooed Paul Nehlen, who was recently endorsed by Michelle Malkin, revealing some pretty impressive guns, riding a motorcycle around Wisconsin while hammering Paul Ryan for his trade deals that have devastated the state’s manufacturing industries.

“This bike was built in Wisconsin,” Nehlen’s own voice proclaims in the ad. “We’ve built some of the baddest bikes on the planet,” Nehlen said while riding one of those bikes.

“Before Paul Ryan went to Washington, Wisconsin was a manufacturing powerhouse. Now? Not so much.” 

“I’m a businessman,” Nehlen continues. “I build things, create jobs. Jobs allow people to pay their mortgage, put food on their table, put their kids through college,” he announced.

Nehlen then blasted RINO Ryan for shoving through anti-free trade bills that benefit Ryan’s cronyist lobbyist friends in Washington, where the overwhelming majoring of his financial support exudes from. Specifically, Nehlen slams Ryan’s support for what is.

Nehlen slams Ryan’s support for what is known as TPP — the Trans-Pacific Partnership — an over 5,000 page trade deal promoted by Obama, Ryan, and the greasy establishment in both political parties.

“TPP is a job killer. It’s going to kill American manufacturing,” Nehlen predicts, as he opens a door to a local Wisconsin manufacturer in the ad.

Paul Ryan, the current Speaker of the House, who has an abysmal voting record, but yet is still painted as a “conservative” by a fawning media, then receives a scathing rebuke and a powerful challenge from Paul Nehlen, either the Speaker who replaced John Boehner can debate Paul Nehlen, or if he’s not up for that, he can face him in an arm wrestling match:

“Mr. Speaker, you championed this trade deal. Why don’t you come back to Wisconsin and debate me man to man, face to face, on the realities of TPP. And if you don’t want to debate me, maybe we could arm wrestle.” 

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The Wisconsin congressional primary is August 9, giving the Nehlen campaign a full three months to “Cantor” the entrenched establishment favorite.


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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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