VIDEO: Peaceful, Praying Pro-Life Protestors Arrested Outside John Boehner’s Office

“We were told yesterday by Speaker Boehner’s office that this is the most pro-life Congress that has ever been installed,” stated Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue, a Christian pro-life organization.

Maybe not so much, at least with Boehner as Speaker of the House.

A group of seven peaceful, praying pro-life protestors, including long-time activist Jill Stanek were arrested by U.S. Capitol police on Wednesday while praying outside of Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner’s office in Washington, D.C.

As CNS News  reported, the group was protesting Boehner’s failure to bring a bill to the House floor for a vote, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would make it illegal to kill an unborn baby after the 20th week of gestation.

The bill, H.R. 36, was introduced by Congressman Trent Franks (AZ-08) and Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn (TN-07) in early January.

“More than 18,000 ‘very late term’ abortions are performed every year on perfectly healthy unborn babies in America,” said Congressman Franks. “These are innocent and defenseless children who can not only feel pain, but who can survive outside of the womb in most cases,” he asserted.

“We have a moral obligation to end dangerous late-term abortions in order to protect women and these precious babies from criminals like Kermit Gosnell and others who prey on the most vulnerable in society,” Congresswoman Blackburn said. “The United States is one of the few remaining countries in the world that allows abortion after 20 weeks. That is why we today we renew our efforts to protect the lives of babies and their mothers with the introduction of the Pain-Capable Unborn Protection Act.”

Stanek said that in her 16 years in the pro-life movement, she’d never felt convicted to be arrested, “But when this bill failed to be brought forward on Jan. 22, I was just so frustrated and disgusted with our Republican House leadership, that they would abandon these babies over political maneuvering.”


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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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