People are Angry over Olive Garden Kicking Out Police Officer, and They Are Letting Them Know It!

Over the weekend, a police officer decided to go to Olive Garden with his family to have a celebratory lunch. After all, even the restaurant’s Twitter says, “We’re all family here. Enjoy a fresh, delicious meal every time. Go to Olive Garden tonight!” This officer quickly, and rudely, learned that everyone is not seen as welcome or as family at Olive Garden by its employees.

Michael Holsworth is a police officer in Kansas City, Missouri. He and his family went to his local Olive Garden to celebrate a birthday. Holsworth was on-duty and, therefore, in full uniform. As a law enforcement officer, he had his police-issued weapon. After being seated, a hostess approached Holsworth and told him that he and his family would have to leave because he had his police issued service revolver in his holster. She told him that guns are not welcome in their establishment.

Holsworth said he thought the hostess was kidding, but she wasn’t. He was so livid that he posted about what happened on his Facebook page.


Dave George, president of Olive Garden chain, reportedly called Holsworth to apologize for the misunderstanding. A brief apology was also sent out from the company’s Twitter account. However, there is no report as to whether or not the hostess was reprimanded in any way.

Despite the apology, the company has faced harsh and swift backlash from the public with many taking to social media to voice their anger and let the chain know they will no longer support their establishment because the incident should have never happened.

This is not the first time police officers have been denied service or rudely treated while simply trying to grab a bite to eat or grab a cup of coffee. It has happened at Arby’s and Whataburger, to name a few. Police officers have also had PIG scrawled across their food packaging at Taco Bell, FTP (f*ck the police) written on coffee cups from a St. Louis coffee shop, and #BlackLivesMatter written on their Dunkin Donuts cups.

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As the anti-police sentiment in this country is pushed by radical, hate-filled leftists and even the president jumps to conclusions before having all the facts regarding an incident involving police matters, we have seen an increase in police hatred.

Whoever runs their Twitter account has had their hands busy responding to these tweets, but they should be given credit for acknowledging the anger of customers, apologizing for the treatment of the police officer, and reassuring them that the matter is being taken care of and was wholly inappropriate.

In a statement, Holsworth said, “I never believed I would be asked to leave a public restaurant because I was in full police uniform which requires me to carry my duty weapon. It is my hope that Olive Garden handles this situation appropriately so no other officer has the same experience I had today.”

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