Percentage of Millennial College Grads Who Think Judge Judy is on SCOTUS is Frightening

America’s educational system has often been criticized as progressives who have taken it over, using it as an avenue to shape society as they push their far-left, social engineering policies rather than truly educate our youth. Less time has gone into actually educating while a huge focus has been on such progressive ideas as social justice, climate change, and developing anti-American sentiment.

A new report that has been released this month by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA) that demonstrates exactly how the educational system has failed generations of individuals. What’s even scarier is that these people vote.

Here are some of the startling statistics when millennial college graduates were asked, “Which of the following people serves on the U.S. Supreme Court?”. This includes the percentage of college graduates who believe that reality court TV star Judge Judy is on the Supreme Court.

  • 9.6 percent of recent college graduates identified Judge Judy (Judy Sheindlin) as being on the Supreme Court.
  • 6 percent identified Secretary of State John Kerry as being on the Supreme Court
  • 21.7 percent identified 91-year old retired Second Circuit Judge Lawrence Warren Pierce as being on the Supreme Court

When it came to constitutional issues, the results are no better. Results when comparing the knowledge of college graduates over 65 to those between the ages of 25 and 34 also shows the failings of the educational system.

The report says “For example, 98.2% of college graduates over the age of 65 knew that the president cannot establish taxes — but only 73.8% of college graduates aged 25–34 answered correctly.”

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In addition, while nearly all college graduates over the age of 65 understood how to amend the Constitution, nearly 60 percent of millennial college graduates had no clue how the Constitution is amended. In what should cause great concern regarding the ignorance of individuals who are of voting age and who Democrats work so hard to “get out the vote,” only one-third of all those polled could name one right guaranteed under the First Amendment.

Given this lack of basic knowledge on how the government works, it’s no wonder that wild-eyed socialist Bernie Sanders is the top pick for millennials. Their ignorance is easy prey for someone peddling massive freebies and working to try to make socialism seem ‘cool.’

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h/t Daily Caller

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