Playing Favorites: Homosexual Seattle Mayor has a Sweet Housing Deal in Mind for Islamists

Ed Murray, the far-left mayor of Seattle, which is often referred to as “the People’s Republic of Seattle” due to the city’s far-left leaning, wants to increase home ownership in the city and he has a way in mind to do it that is having many people crying favoritism. Mayor Murray wants to target Muslims who are interested in buying a house, but have difficulty doing so because Sharia law forbids Islamists from paying interest on loans.

If Mayor Murray gets his way, then the zero interest loans on homes will not be a problem for Islamists in Seattle.

A 28-person committee is convening in the city to discuss how they can assist Muslims in the area in acquiring Sharia-compliant loans.

In other words, the City of Seattle is playing favorites with Islamists by going out of their way to help the estimated 30,000 Muslims in the city acquire a zero-interest loan to buy a house.

In speaking about his scheme to play favorites with the Muslims in helping them get a zero-interest home loan in order to comply with Sharia law, Murray said, “We will work to develop new tools for Muslims who are prevented from using conventional mortgage products due to their religious beliefs.”

The mayor is sending legislation to the city council in his quest to, as he stated during a press conference, “help Muslims.”

In 2013, when he was still a state senator, Murray, who went on to become the city’s first openly gay mayor, spoke out against the reported plan by Chick-fil-A to open a location in Seattle. At the time, Murray said, “I’m stunned. If they want to be in Seattle, then they have to obey the civil rights laws that protect our citizens, civil rights laws that I passed.”

Murray’s comments came in response to the Dan Truett’s, the CEO of Chick-fil-A, statement during an interview with the Baptist Press that he personally believed in traditional marriage. The top rated fast food restaurant in the country does not hide the Christian beliefs of its founders and are even closed on Sunday in reverence to God.

Image Credit: Mayor Ed Murray/Facebook

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Jennifer Burke
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