VIDEO: Ammon Bundy Says He’s Facing Over 100 YEARS in Prison!

Ammon Bundy, the leader of a lengthy protest designed to call attention to the unconstitutional occupation of Western states by the federal government, is now facing 100 years in prison.

In a day and age where murderers and rapists receive merely several decades behind bars, the penalties facing Bundy and his compatriots stand in stark contrast and highlight an underlying betrayal of American values.

Newsmax’s Dennis Michael Lynch recently conducted an interview with the imprisoned protest leader who has been incarcerated in Oregon since he and seven others were arrested on January 26th, 2016. Two cars carrying protesters were en route to a local townhall meeting to discuss the protest and the constitutional violations that have become routine for Western citizens. During the trip, the cars were swarmed-upon by a joint force of local, state and federal police. After attempting to run a road block, protester Robert “LaVoy” Finicum was shot and killed by Oregon State troopers.

According to autopsy reports, Finicum was shot in the back. Federal agents initially denied firing any shots, but soon came-clean that two shots were fired after footage filmed from inside Finicum’s truck show shots emerging from behind as Finicum emerged from his vehicle with his hands high in the air. The shell casings from the suspicious shooting have gone missing and the actions of the federal agents are currently under investigation.

Until his plight was highlighted by Lynch, Bundy was kept in a dark, windowless solitary confinement cell for over 23 hours a day for weeks. Bundy’s family alleged that the purpose was to “break” Bundy. Bundy was removed from solitary confinement in mid-February.

Lynch released the first part of his exclusive interview with Bundy and has stated that he will release further segments throughout the week with a full hour dedicated to the interview on Friday on

Bundy noted that he is facing serious charges stemming from the protest, including a weapons charge that insists that Bundy used a firearm in the furtherance of impeding federal officers from executing their duties. Bundy, however, maintains that the charge is because others around him had guns on their persons during the protest, despite the fact that Bundy claims that he never personally carried a gun during his time at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon, nor during the famous standoff with BLM agents at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada the year prior.

“I didn’t have a gun out there at the Bundy Ranch and I didn’t have a gun up here [in Oregon],” Bundy explained. “However, the people that did, they have a right to that. They never misused it.”

When asked how much prison time he was facing if found guilty, Bundy explained that the number of years he’s at risk of receiving behind bars is “pushing 50 years.” With charges in Nevada as well for his role in protesting the BLM’s illegal confiscation of his family’s cattle, Bundy claims that he is looking at over 100 years behind bars.

Bundy and hundreds of other protesters, many armed, made a pilgrimage to the Bundy Ranch in rural Nevada in 2014 to stop the illegal confiscation of cattle owned by the Bundy Family that was on land that the federal government claimed to own.

The federal government claims to own 85% of all land in Nevada and 53% of all land in Oregon. The Constitution allows for a small allotment of federal land to erect military installations, ports and other “needful buildings.”


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Posted by Dennis Michael Lynch on Saturday, April 2, 2016


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