Politically Jeb is a Lot Like his Older Brother; but Here’s a MAJOR Difference [VIDEO]

George W. Bush was not the perfect president. Though he began his time in the White House acting on his conservative principles, all of that was lost towards the end of his presidency when he uttered the words, “I’m abandoning my free market principles to save the free markets.” What that meant was a massive government intervention in the free markets which paved the way for Obama’s destruction.

But, one thing that W had that his brother Jeb does not is personality or, as the hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe described it, swagger.

While the left used to paint his swagger in a negative way, accusing him of being a rogue cowboy, today at least some see it as a positive thing. That swagger, something that Jeb likely desperately wishes he had, was on full display when George W. Bush was approached by TMZ while leaving a fundraiser in Georgetown for his swaggerless brother.

Jeb Bush doesn’t seem to be comfortable in his own skin. Add in any attempt to relate to the people or even defend himself and it’s a disaster. Not so much for his brother, George, though.

After being ambushed by TMZ cameras, he laughed off questions about the possibility of Kanye West running for president in 2020 and signed pictures while joking around with others, all while smiling and chewing gum.

Just a regular guy who happens to have been president. There was no pretension and it didn’t seem fake. George W. Bush genuinely likes being around people and based upon the reaction of those who approached him, the feeling is mutual.

As he got in the car, he yelled out, “Don’t put that on Ebay!” Not only did those around him laugh, but the panel on the Morning Joe couldn’t contain their laughter as the cameras panned back to them.

Co-host Willie Geist then stated what so many will think upon watching this video and thinking back to Jeb’s horrible and uncomfortable debate performance, especially the most recent one on CNBC. Geist said, “Now you may not have loved him as a president, but that’s a very different style than his brother, generally speaking.”

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Host Joe Scarborough reflected back to a debate moment in 2000 when Al Gore aggressively walked into George W. Bush’s space, as he was speaking, in an attempt to intimidate him. Bush didn’t skip a beat. He looked over at Gore, nodded his head in acknowledgement of his presence, then finished his statement.

Scarborough said, “Everybody in America is sitting there laughing going, yeah I’m with him. It’s just so much has to do with..”

Co-host Mika Brzezinski chimed in and said, “Swagger?”

In reply, Scarborough said, “Swagger and personality.”

Unfortunately for Jeb Bush, he possesses neither of those traits.

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