PolitiStick Talks Iran and Refugees with Arizona Senate Candidate Kelli Ward

RINO John McCain and primary challenger Dr. Kelli Ward

Politics remain more dysfunctional than normal in America as the Democrat Party remains cash-strapped and scandal-plagued and the Republican Party endures the growing resentment of millions of Americans who feel marginalized and ignored.

The fact that John McCain is still entrusted to represent the interests of the fiercely-conservative state of Arizona in the Senate is an illustration of why there remains such resentment in the Republican Party.

Infinitely more-interested in remaining in power than fulfilling the wishes of the conservative base of the GOP, McCain’s tenure is often cited as an example in discussions concerning the need for term limits as a means of breaking-up the entrenched political system run by career politicians.

PolitiStick sat-down with the two leading contenders to replace John McCain and offer Arizonans a much-needed shuffling of the political deck: Dr. Kelli Ward and Alex Meluskey. The race to unseat the “Maverick” of Republican politics centers on a return to conservative values. Kelli Ward, a former state senator who resigned in order to focus on her Senate run, has a clear message for Arizona voters: it’s time for John McCain to go.

Speaking with PolitiStick, Dr. Ward was quick to note that the race is a sprint, “not a marathon.”

“Things are great,” Ward said in reference to the progress of her campaign. “The grassroots is on fire with support and I have been all over the state in the past few days  and no matter where I go, there are people who are out there- large numbers of people- who are ready for Sen. McCain to step-down, to retire, to be taken out of office if that what needs to happen. Even people who have all the respect in the world for him, even those who aren’t that disappointed in his votes- and it’s hard to find very many of those- even those people say, ‘It’s time. He’s done his job. He needs to go.’”

As American politics is focused inward, much of the world is left bereft of the leadership traditionally exhibited by the U.S.

Discussing the state of foreign policy and specifically Israel, Ward was unwavering in her support for the bastion of stability in the region.

“We need to definitely support Israel because they’re our strongest ally in the Middle East. Unfortunately, President Obama and his policies have weakened our relationship with our ally, Israel, and we need to build that back-up.”

“I am very disappointed with what I’ve seen in the Senate over the past year,” Ward claimed as the conversation shifted to the disastrous Iran deal. “We all know that it is a treaty that the Senate refused to treat as a treaty just because the president named it an executive agreement or whatever he named it. If a president can get around a constitutional requirement by using semantics and renaming something, why wouldn’t he if the Senate isn’t going to hold him accountable?… The Senate surrendered their power and it led to this terrible deal. I think that that should have been debated as a treaty, it should have been voted on as a treaty and if the president insisted on moving forward, they should have used the power of the purse to shut it down.

Now, billions of dollars have flowed into Iran and they’re flaunting-flaunting­- that agreement in our face and this president will never do anything about that.”

“The Iran deal is probably the worst thing that the Senate has done, and they’ve done a lot of bad things, over this last year or two,” Ward continued. “It’s the worst thing because it threatens the peace of the world. We are potentially giving Iran a nuclear weapon.”

As the world witnesses the devastating effects of terrorism in the Middle East and the unwillingness of the most powerful nation on Earth to stop the spread of the carnage, Western nations are receiving a tremendous influx of refugees and the associated dangers that come with accepting millions of unknown migrants from a terrorist-infested region.

Though Western and Central Europe are currently witnessing the cultural and national security problems that arise from such arrangements, Democrats and establishment Republicans are clamoring to mimic this dysfunction here in the states.

When asked about the refugees, Ward addressed the matter in terms of what is both best for the United States and what is best for those fleeing violence in the Middle East.

“I’m supportive of halting the [refugee] process from countries and regions that hate us, consider us their enemy and have said outright that they are going to use the refugee process to get people into our country to do harm to American citizens,” Ward unwaveringly declared. “We have proof that the vetting process does not work; San Bernardino is proof-positive that it does not work and so we need to take a significant look.

Now, I do support providing safe areas in Syria and other parts of the Middle East for the refugee population… When we help [the refugees] in place, they are much more likely to have success and long-term prosperity. When they come into our country, the majority are unable to become productive members of this country because they don’t share the language, they don’t share the culture, they don’t share the food, they don’t share the religion and many of them are illiterate in their own languages, let alone English. And so, it can be very, very difficult for them here.”

“If we can keep them safe where they are, where they share the language, the culture, the food, the religion, and then teach them about the free market and capitalism, we are much more likely to help them become successful and prosperous and safe over time than by bringing them into the United States.”

At a time when “establishment” is a dirty word in politics, it seems increasingly clear that Arizonans have been saddled with an establishment politician for far too long.

While the eyes of the nation remain firmly fixed upon the presidential race, make no mistake about it: the future of our nation rests in the leaders we elect in the House and Senate and getting entrenched politicians out of the way is the first step in reviving our ailing nation.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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