PolitiStick’s Editor: Rubio Burned Florida Voters on Amnesty, Now Wants Their Trust Again

Florida Senator Marco Rubio ’s presidential campaign is in a death spiral from which he cannot pull-out. Though once a promising contender, the anti-establishment fervor of this year’s Republican primary has been too much for the candidate to overcome, especially as he has come to rely increasingly on the support of the establishment GOP that is at-odds with the conservative base of the Republican Party.

On Wednesday, PolitiStick’s editor, Jennifer Burke, appeared on Newsmax Now to discuss the tailspin and whether Rubio will bow-out of the race before Florida, lending his support to Ted Cruz, the last candidate standing who holds a shot at stopping the momentum of Donald Trump.

Burke was joined by Bre Payton, a staffwriter for thefederalist.com. Both woman appeared to agree that Rubio is facing some significant challenges to his political career not only in terms of the presidential election, but for future aspirations as well.

Noting that there are rumors that Rubio would like to someday run for governor of Florida, she also maintained that if Rubio cannot win his home state of Florida in a primary election, it would not ‘bode well for him” in forecasting his success for a future governor run.

Referencing a clip the hosts played, Burke highlighted Rubio’s problem.

“He said to the voters in Florida, ‘You believed in me once before, I’m asking you to believe in me again.’ The problem is that they believed in him when he told them they he would not support anything having to do with amnesty.”

Burke highlighted Rubio’s support for the Gang of Eight amnesty bill and cited his betrayal of his earlier promises concerning illegal immigration as the primary cause of Rubio’s slow political implosion.

“Florida voters have a memory,” Burke stated.

Payton urged that Rubio had an obligation to exit the race “before he becomes known as the ‘spoiler candidate.’”

“I think Marco Rubio is very formidable and I think he’s very polished… I think he has a lot of potential and I think he’s a great candidate, just not this year. So, I think he should get out before he spoils the race for Ted Cruz .”

Payton broke-down the math and noted that Cruz likely won’t win Florida, but also highlighted that even if Trump wins the 99 delegates in Florida, he would need roughly 51% of the remaining delegates to get the nomination- delegates that Rubio’s presence could siphon-off from Cruz.

Rubio’s campaign is going nowhere fast and there are really only two viable candidates left in this race. It will be up to Rubio if he wants to exit gracefully and do good for the conservative and establishment elements who dislike Trump or whether he wants to further complicate things with his presence.

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Greg Campbell
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