Poll: Majority of Blacks Support Reparations for Slavery, Millennials Say They’re Open to it

As a sure sign that the left’s obnoxious race-hustling agenda is actually resonating, a recent poll indicated some harsh realities concerning the bitter racial divides that are widening more and more with each passing day.

According to an Exclusive Point Taken-Marist Poll released on Wednesday, the majority of blacks in America support receiving reparations for slavery, despite the fact that no former slave is alive today nor has one been alive for decades.

Meanwhile, poll revealed that the vast majority of whites reject the notion of being forced to pay reparations to the descendants of slaves and more than half of millennials polled indicated a willingness to consider paying reparations.

The poll showed that 81 percent of whites polled flatly rejected reparations.

58 percent of blacks polled support reparations and only 35 rejected the idea.

Hispanics were pretty evenly split with 47 percent rejecting reparations and 46 percent supporting.

The Associated Press reports that the numbers change dramatically when we consider the age of the respondent:

Americans over age 69 say by an 80-12 margin that reparations should not be paid to those related to slaves. Baby boomers between ages 51-69 are similar, with a 79-17 percent margin against reparations.

The numbers start changing when it comes to Generation Xers, with Americans between the ages of 35-50 breaking 73 percent to 25 percent against reparations. The biggest shift comes with millennials, with a majority — 51 percent — saying that reparations should be paid or they were unsure of whether reparations should be paid. Forty percent of millennials were in favor of reparations and 11 percent were unsure, compared with the 49 percent of the millennials questioned who said reparations should not be paid to slave descendants.

What this trend indicates is that the left’s relentless agenda is working to some degree. While those who were not raised while being bombarded relentlessly with assertions that all whites are guilty and complicit in covert and super-sneaky forms of racism were more-willing to reject the notion that blacks should receive money just for having been born black, younger people who have been taught to hate whitey are far more receptive to the idea.

If our society is going to have a chance at remaining moderately functional, conservatives need to do a better job countering the left’s propaganda and indoctrination.

These results prove that.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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