Pope Francis Thanks Fidel Castro. The Reason Why Will Shock and Infuriate You!

Fidel Castro is one of the world’s most tyrannous despots. Under his reign, countless Cubans have suffered. Political dissidents have been tortured, jailed and executed and Castro’s madness once brought the world to the brink of nuclear destruction before cooler heads prevailed.

So, it seems strange that the head of the Catholic Church would thank the despot for anything, much less Castro’s supposed “contribution to peace.”

On Sunday, Francis met with Raul and Fidel Castro to celebrate mass in Havana Square. As is par for the course, dissidents were reportedly rounded-up to keep them from attending the Papal mass.

During the meeting with the Castro brothers, Pope Francis reportedly praised Fidel for his “contributions to peace,” a reference to Castro’s willingness to help thaw relations between the tyrannical regime and the Cuban government.

Granma, the official state-run newspaper of the Communist dictatorship, reported,

Pope Francisco, Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic Church and Head of State of Vatican City, made a courtesy call at noon today at the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz.

His Holiness, who initiated an apostolic and historic visit to China which will run until February 22, had an extensive exchange with Fidel and agreed on major issues of concern related to the cause of the poor, the preservation of peace and human survival.

Fidel had words of praise for Pope Francis for his communication skills, his repeated public messages of solidarity for the different social strata and commitment for the good of humanity. Pope Francis expressed gratitude to Cuba for its contribution to peace and the preservation of the human species in a world saturated with hatred and aggression. Pope Francis, true to his conscience and beliefs, struggles with his word and example, a more just and generous humanity in which no nation is without employment, food, medicine and education.

Of course, the reports that emerge from Communist-run media should be taken with a healthy dose of skepticism. However, considering the Pope’s willingness to fawn-over the tyrannical despot for merely allowing the U.S. to grovel and mend relations with the despotic regime, it’s not hard to imagine that Pope Francis offered kind words to Fidel, a tyrant who has the blood of many upon is hands.

There is right and there is wrong and though compromise must be a political tool at times, the left’s preoccupation with kneeling to despots while standing-strong against conservatism is a crusade of immorality and heinousness.

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Greg Campbell
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