POWERFUL: Detroit Lions Player Just Turned the Tables on the #BlackLivesMatter Movement

#BlackLivesMatter Agitators protesting for more cop killing in Minnesota. Image Credit: FOX News

In today’s celebrity-focused culture in which we live, we often see entertainers speak out in favor of progressive policies and politicians and against anything related to conservatism and Christianity. Hollywood often uses their mega-platform of television shows, movies, music, and awards shows to push a far-left agenda and ridicule anyone who disagrees with it.

It’s not often that we a celebrity speak out against the causes that progressives push and support. However, in the last week, two NFL stars have done just that.

Richard Sherman, cornerback with the Seattle Seahawks, recently shared his thoughts regarding the #BlackLivesMatter movement expressing his concern about the movement’s demonization and attack on all police officers. In addition, he said if black lives truly mattered then those in the movement would speak out against the black on black violence that occurs in the black community. Like clockwork, Sherman attacked by some for his views, but one of his fellow NFL colleagues came to his defense and also offered his own criticism of #BlackLivesMatter.

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Don Carey is a safety with the Detroit Lions. He describes himself on Twitter as “a disciple of Christ who happens to play in the NFL” and he just penned his second column for the Detroit Free Press. He will be offering commentary on a variety of topics throughout the football season, but they aren’t just related to sports. Carey will boldly address culture and, if his second column is any indication, he isn’t afraid to be hard-hitting off the field.

In his column, Carey addressed Sherman’s comments regarding black-on-black crime. Sherman stated in a press conference held last week, “if black lives matter, then they should matter all the time.” While Carey said there is a difference between such violence and the brutality that some blacks have experienced at the hands of a few police officers, he did add that Sherman’s words do indeed ring true.

But, when Carey got to the meat of his own article, he made comments that will undoubtedly draw the ire of #BlackLivesMatter supporters and will no doubt make him a target of their attack. In short, he called out those who stand within this movement chanting “black lives matter” for their ignoring of black lives in the womb which, based upon the silence of these same people, don’t seem to matter to them.

I personally have some concerns in regard to the Black Lives Matter movement. I remember when this movement burst onto the scene several years ago. I was both enamored and repelled by its message. Enamored, because as an African-American man, I have experienced and seen injustices committed against my people, sometimes due to no fault of their own. For the first time that I can remember, it seemed someone was standing up for them on a national level. However, I was quickly turned off by this movement due to the narrow mind-set and irony that exists at its roots. Let me explain my meaning.

According to a study by the New York Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, more African-American babies were aborted (31,328) in New York than were born (24,758) there in 2012. Needless to say, this number is severely repulsive. Yet, we’ve heard nothing from those within the camp of Black Lives Matter on the subject. It seems that we have Matthew 7 dilemma. That is, we are so focused on the speck in eyes of others that we are ignoring the plank within our own. We are so focused on the injustices done by a few wayward police officers that we ignore the blatant disregard for life within our own culture.

I truly want this movement to flourish. I can easily see the Black Lives Matter movement being the catalyst behind moral and cultural change within the African-American community. However, I fear this will never happen unless those within this movement begin to embrace the totality of its name. Yes “black” lives matter. This also includes those still within the womb. Those who seek change must first be proponents of that change or else those on the outside looking in will ultimately view them as hypocrites.

Facts don’t lie. The statistics shared by Carey should have everyone, regardless of ethnicity, outraged and saddened. Even more so, it should give pause to those who are blocking streets, interrupting events, and openly calling for the death of police officers.

If black lives truly matter, then this group would not only address the black-on-black violence as stated by Sherman, they would also look at what is going on within the black culture with so many black babies never even making it out of the womb because the decision is made by the mother to murder that child rather than give him or her an opportunity to live.

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Thank you, Don Carey, for being brave enough to say the words that need to be said knowing that you are opening yourself up to attack. Your decision to speak out on this issue is both admirable and inspiring. As people chant “Black lives matter,” they need to remember that those most innocent of black lives who are still in the womb are being murdered at astounding rates by their parents. These are the forgotten ones, and their lives matter. Thank you for giving them a voice.

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