Powerful Iowa Rep. Levels this Stunning Accusation Against Trump

Congressman Steve King from Iowa, where tonight’s Iowa Caucus will kick-off the first true test of voters, says that billionaire Donald Trump may be paying off people in return for their endorsement.

On Monday, Rep. King, a Tea Party favorite who has endorsed constitutional conservative Ted Cruz for president, said that, in his opinion, Trump is using his unending “assets and resources” to lure endorsements.

On MSNBC, Rep. Steve King was asked what he thought of Sarah Palin and Jerry Falwell, Jr., the head of Liberty University, endorsing Trump. After playing a clip of Palin saying on Monday that choosing between endorsing Trump and Cruz wasn’t a close call for her, King answered:

“First, I didn’t hear a reason from Sarah Palin in that [for her endorsement of Trump]. She just said it wasn’t a hard call. 

I don’t know very many people that have been able to say ‘no’ to Donald Trump. He has a massive amount of assets and resources that he can deploy when it comes time to convince someone.

And that has to affect the way people think, not only the plus-ups — the promotion, the limelight, all the resources that are there — but the other side of that is that Donald Trump seeks retribution.”

Steve King said that while it’s not possible to read Palin’s “heart of hearts” but notes that her policy positions are much closer to Ted Cruz’s than Donald Trump’s.

Two of those positions are health care and taxpayer subsidies of certain industries. Cruz is for free market health care while Trump has consistently been on the side of socialized medicine, with government playing more of a role than it does under failing Obamacare.

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Ted Cruz is for phasing out ethanol subsidies over a five-year span, while Trump recently said he wanted to increase the federal government’s ethanol mandate — hardly a free market position.

Sarah Palin has clearly fought against the same kind of cronyism Donald Trump is now promoting, making King’s assertion sound reasonable and logical.

Steve King went on to contend that in Iowa, a vote for anyone other than Ted Cruz is, in essence, a vote for Donald Trump, since Cruz is the only candidate who has the possibility to defeat Trump in King’s opinion.

Trump has previously bragged about buying off politicians in both parties in return for favorable treatment. Given that admission, saying that he’s buying endorsements doesn’t seem like much of stretch.


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Matthew K. Burke
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