Powerful New Ad Shows How Trump and Clinton are ‘Two Sides of the Same Coin’

Texas Senator and constitutional conservative Ted Cruz has made the case repeatedly that New York billionaire Donald Trump is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a New York liberal masquerading as a conservative Republican and fooling millions of people on the process.

Carly Fiorina, recently announced as the person who will be Ted Cruz’s running mate should he win the GOP nomination, has made famous the phrase that Trump and Hillary are “flip sides of the same coin.” A new commercial released by the Cruz campaign over the weekend points out three key areas where that is true.

The powerful 30-second commercial highlights that Trump and his friend Hillary Clinton, who he describes now as corrupt, but just a few years ago praised her as terrific, are two sides of the same coin who share the same views on support for raising taxes, support of allowing transgender men to use the bathroom with little girls, and both supported a ban on popular firearms.

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Trump has attempted to have it both ways by claiming he is a conservative while expressing support for top liberal policies and special interest groups such as Planned Parenthood, a government mandate for health care, and making Wall Street ‘pay.’ In fact, some have described his positions on numerous key issues as being closer to wild-eyed socialist Bernie Sanders than one would expect from the GOP frontrunner.

Cruz makes the case that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are both big government liberals using Donald’s own statements and policy positions, and it’s quite damning.

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Jennifer Burke
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