Powerful Pro-Life Statement by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott in 18 Words

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is not one to hide his beliefs in bowing down to political correctness. He has angered many a leftist with his expression of his Christian faith on his Twitter account.

Abbott is also very pro-life, a stance that was used against him by Wendy “Abortion Barbie” Davis when she ran against him in hopes of becoming the first Democrat governor of Texas in decades. The attack didn’t work and Abbott went on to trounce Davis. His dedication to the pro-life movement was recognized on Wednesday, April 20, when he was awarded the Distinguished Leader Award at the Susan B. Anthony List’s 9th Annual Pro-Life Gala in Washington, DC.

Two days after accepting the award, the highest honor designated by the group, Governor Abbott tweeted out 18 words that powerfully sums up the right to life of the innocent unborn.

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The Left’s mantra, as they attack America and the Judeo-Christian values upon this country was founded, is the claim that everyone does not have a fair shot and everyone does not pay their fair share. Both are blatant lies.

Governor Abbott’s statement sheds light on their hypocrisy since these same Leftists advocate that killing a baby in the womb is a woman’s “right.”

If Democrats truly believed that everyone should have a chance IN life, then they would also believe that every child should have a chance AT life.

Simply, but powerfully said.



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Jennifer Burke
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