After Praising Murderous Dictator Fidel Castro, Obama, Canadian PM Make Funeral Attendance Announcement

After facing a massive worldwide social media backlash for singing the praises of brutal communist dictator Fidel Castro following his death on Friday, Canada’s socialist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office shockingly announced on Monday that he, Trudeau, would not be attending Castro’s funeral.

On Saturday, Justin Trudeau expressed “deep sorrow” at the death of the communist butcher who jailed, tortured and murdered political dissidents, referring to Castro in loving adoration as a “legendary revolutionary and orator” and shamefully said that he was “very proud to call him a friend.”

Desperately trying to sweep oppressive Fidel Castro’s many human rights abuses under the rug, Trudeau disgustingly made no mention of his firing squads or other such atrocities.

BBC reports:

Mr. Trudeau will not attend Fidel Castro’s funeral in Cuba this week, despite the decades-long friendship between his father and the former Cuban communist leader.

Canada will be represented by Governor General David Johnston at a memorial service in Havana on Tuesday.

Mr. Trudeau’s decision comes after his initial statement on Castro’s death was mocked worldwide.

Over the weekend, the hashtag #trudeaueulogies trended after the prime minister’s office released a statement referring to “Cuba’s longest-serving President” as a “remarkable leader” for whom the Cuban people had “a deep and lasting affection”.

On Monday, Obama spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters that Obama had not made a decision on who from his administration would be attending Fidel Castro’s funeral, other than stating that neither Obama nor Joe Biden would be attending. He told reporters to “stay tuned” as to which top U.S. officials, if any, would attend the funeral scheduled for December 4.

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For his part, Obama also described Fidel Castro in glowing terms, leading both U.S. Senators of Cuban dissent, Republicans Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio to thoroughly blast the statement.

Obama described the communist butcher as having an “enormous impact” and offered “condolences to Fidel Castro’s family,” as well as “thoughts and prayers” for the Cuban people. At the same time, Americans in places like Little Havana in Florida who had escaped Castro’s tyrannical rule were celebrating in the streets at the announcement of his death while useful idiots like Trudeau and Obama mourned.


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