Predictable: ISIS Suicide Bomber in Istanbul Triggered NO Security Warnings When Immigrating

On Tuesday, an ISIS fighter detonated a suicide bomb in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey, killing 10 innocent people in the name of Allah. Eight of them were German tourists. Fifteen people were also wounded in the attack that took place in Sultanahmet district, near the famous Blue Mosque.

On Wednesday, authorities confirmed what conservatives already suspected: the ISIS terrorist was a refugee from Syria who was able to immigrate to Turkey without raising any security red flags despite the fact that his brother was also a suicide bomber in Syria.

Turkish officials revealed the bomber to be Syrian national Nabil Fadli, born in Saudi Arabia in 1988, who was fingerprinted in Turkey last week but whose name had not triggered any security alerts– a fact that highlights the supreme folly of believing that any government can properly vet the flood of refugees and ISIS terrorists flooding into Europe.

Fadli’s brother had already murdered himself and others in the name of Allah months ago in a suicide attack on Syrian regime forces at an airport in Syria.

As German tourists gathered near the Blue Mosque for sightseeing, Fadil approached the group who witnesses say stood-out as appearing Western and detonated his device.

German and Turkish officials are cautioning that the attack did not appear to specifically target Germans. “There are no indications that the attack specifically targeted Germans,” German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said at a press conference in Istanbul. “I see no reason to avoid trips to Turkey.”

Turkish officials have worked to defend their security tactics against international criticism.

“It is not easy for any country, for any intelligence service, for any security measures to stop all attacks,” said an official in the prime minister’s office. “The challenge is difficult for us because we share a border with Syria that other countries don’t.”

Of course, while it is true that Turkey shares a border with Syria that other countries do not, it is also true that despite the rise of ISIS-inspired violence in the Western world, Turkey and Germany continue to welcome Syrian refugees in droves- a convenience for terrorists who have wondered how to gain access to central Europe.

Unbelievably, the official claimed that Turkey would not be changing their open-door policy in the aftermath of the attack.

“Despite all kinds of dangers and risks, we haven’t changed our open-door policy for the past five years,” said the official. “And we won’t do that now, either. Only security precautions will continue to be tightened.”

In the U.S., Democrats and even some supposed Republicans have maintained that it is a moral obligation to accept Syrian refugees fleeing violence in their homeland. Many, however, easily note that America would simply be importing this brand of violence to the United States.

While the left like to pretend that Donald Trump’s proposal to temporarily suspend Muslim immigration is somehow unethical, they often neglect to realize the kind of devastation only a handful of dedicated terrorists can do in population centers like Paris or New York.

ISIS is happy to exploit the West’s generosity as a means of fulfilling their jihad; it is the West who is continually dumb enough to facilitate them.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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