Predictable: State Fair BANS Firearms, Gets Robbed by Gunmen

So-called “gun free” zones serve as the very definition of insanity. While it is true that not everyone should feel compelled to carry firearms, specifically advertising where people will be vulnerable and unarmed makes absolutely no sense.

To illustrate this point, let’s look at the recent case of the Washington State Fair. The fair explicitly notes that those in attendance cannot be armed and that was apparently good news for armed robbers who descended upon the fair and robbed three separate fair employees within minutes of each other.

KOMONews reports:

Robbery victim Leif Strom was walking in the 1000 block of 7th Avenue Southeast when he got held up. He and another worker at the State Fair were heading east toward home when confronted by four men in a white Buick.

“One of them came up and the other one was behind him and he asked me for all my money and I gave him $6 at first,” Strom said.

But Strom had just finished a 10-hour shift selling items at the fair and had been paid $100 in cash.

“But then he pulled out a gun and he asked me for it all, and so I gave him $100 and just walked away before he asked me for my phone or anything,” Strom said.

Two other groups of employees were robbed on the other side of the fairgrounds within minutes of this robbery.

Those who handed-over their money did the right thing. If you’re outnumbered and out-gunned, hand-over the money.

However, what seems perfectly clear is that advertising that this event was a “gun-free” environment was an advertisement for a target-rich environment for criminals who, as the label suggests, do not follow the law or silly rules concerning carrying of weapons.

What such policies betray is an astoundingly naïve belief in statism and the notion that laws and rules are enough to prevent crime.

Yes, laws may serve as a deterrent for many to engage in crime, but when we are dealing with matters of life and death, sometimes, laws are not enough to stop criminal activity and citizens must be willing to defend themselves from the wolves of the world.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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