Race to the Presidency: Evan McMullin Shares What He Has that No Other Candidate Has

Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton (D), Evan McMullin (I), Donald Trump (R)

Newly announced Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin, a former CIA counter-terrorism officer, appeared on ABC’s This Week with guest host Martha Raddatz on Sunday, to discuss his new candidacy, his chances, the other candidates in the race, and the reason he feels voters should consider him in November over the other candidates in the race.

“You have a very impressive bio. But you, as we said, are a complete unknown,” Raddatz began. “So why do you think you would make a better president than a former secretary of state and a billionaire businessman?” she asked McMullin.

“Well, let me just say that I’m the only candidate in this race now that has any firsthand experience fighting terrorism,” McMullin answered. “And both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, I think, have proven in different ways that they’re unprepared for that challenge.”


Raddatz then asked McMullin if he thought he had a realistic chance of winning.”Do you think you have a prayer of winning?” she asked.

“We do. We absolutely do,” he replied. “Now I fully acknowledge that it would have been much better had someone else with national name ID gotten into this race six months ago.”

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“But, as I waited and as millions of Americans waited for that to happen, it became clear at this — at this last stage of the race, the general election, that if somebody didn’t make a move soon, that all hope would be lost,” McMullin explained. “And so consulting with people who had been involved in this effort for quite some time, I decided that I would do it, that I would go forward.”

On the flip-side, McMullin painted a dim view of Donald Trump’s chances of defeating Hillary Clinton, making the case that the bloviating billionaire will lose to the corrupt Democrat whether McMullin is in the race or not.

Responding to an earlier segment on the program where Trump supporter Senator Jeff Sessions predicted a Trump win, despite polls this week showing the reality TV actor getting pummeled in all key battleground states.

“Well, Jeff is on the Trump team. I understand that,” McMullin pointed out.

“But it’s clear, the numbers, the fact that Donald Trump can’t control what he says. He’s never had to control what he says. Never in life has he had to do that. It’s unrealistic to expect him to do that now.”

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“He’s the wrong person. He’s dividing this country. We need somebody who will bring this country together. I firmly believe that the time has come in this country for a new generation of leadership. And that certainly is not Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton.”

Evan McMullin noted that according to the latest Gallup poll, 82 percent of Americans now believe America is on the wrong track — a 10 percent jump in only a matter of weeks. He asserted that neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton is the solution.

“People are really, really frustrated. Both of these candidates are the least popular in at least three decades of major party candidates. That’s what’s happening in this country. A change is needed. A change is needed from both of these candidates.

On Hillary Clinton’s side, she believes she’s unaccountable to the American people. She favors these old ideas about government, these — these centralized, top-down solutions from Washington that keep insiders in the know and give them influence but regular Americans have no voice.”

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About the other alternative candidates in the race, McMullin asserted that Green Party candidate Jill Stein is a single issue candidate and was critical of Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson’s stance on foreign policy and said that he “doesn’t understand religious liberty.”

Watch the entire interview below:

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