Priceless: Ted Cruz Masterfully Trolls Trump Over GOP Debate Stunt

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Constitutional conservative and presidential candidate Ted Cruz not only shows his wit, intelligence and underrated sense of humor during presidential debates and on the campaign trail but has been surprisingly deft at counterpunching with flamboyant flamethrower Donald Trump.

After the bombastic billionaire and reality TV star announced that he would not participate in the next GOP debate, hosted by FOX News on Thursday, Cruz beautifully punked Trump with the label “Ducking Donald” for Trump’s “ducking” out of the next debate because of his belief that Megyn Kelly, one of the debate moderators, has a personal bias against him and must be removed from the debate — FOX refused to comply.

Cruz stepped up his already stinging rebuke, mocking Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan, a phrase Trump wears regularly during campaign appearances.

Cruz announced on Twitter Wednesday afternoon that he was selling a new hat, with the words “Make Trump Debate Again” on the hat in gold lettering and created a new site, which takes you to the Cruz website and allows the opportunity to buy one for $25.00.

On Tuesday, Cruz challenged Trump to a one-on-one debate, with or without a debate moderator, anytime for 90 minutes up until the Iowa Caucus on Monday. Cruz originally made his challenge on The Mark Levin Show and Levin offered to host the debate on his program.

Thus far, Trump has continued his Twitter onslaught against FOX and Megyn Kelly, again implying that she is a “bimbo,’ while refusing to accept Cruz’s challenge, only bragging that he beat Cruz in all prior debates (which is debatable — polls Trump cites are unscientific online polls), and asked whether Cruz would be willing to debate in Canada.

In September, Donald Trump said that his attorneys had looked into Cruz being a natural born citizen and that it was a non-issue. Trump admitted during the last GOP debate that he was making it an issue because of Cruz’s meteoric rise in the polls.

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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