Pro-Abortion University Staffer Calls for Raping Pro-Life Women

Liberals often like to posture as a defender of evolved thinking. They prefer the term “progressive” over “liberal” and most operate with smug sense of moral righteousness. However, too often, those who claim to be “progressive” and enlightened are the most-heinous oppressors, racists, misogynists and intolerant bullies around.

Nowhere is this fact more evident than in their dealings with the supposed “war on women.” The same factions who clamor the loudest to assert that Republicans are waging a war on women when they object to pay for birth control and abortions are the most-hostile to women who value life and object to the practice of abortion.

Case-in-point: a Purdue University staffer recently threatened to rape pro-life women to prove some sort of point regarding abortion.

The Purdue Students for Life, pro-life group, has been embroiled in a debate around campus as they have attempted to highlight the racially-tinged statistics that suggests that Planned Parenthood targets blacks for abortion at a higher rate than other races.

To celebrate Black History Month, the club placed campaign posters around campus that read “Hands Up, Don’t Abort” and “Black Children are an Endangered Race” and included the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter.

In response, a small number of students and staffers staged a sit-in during the Purdue Students for Life’s meeting last week and demanded an apology.

On Wednesday, the group reported a threatening comment in an online debate. Posted on Live Action News’ comment board, Purdue Staffer Jamie Newman reportedly posted:

Oh, I’m sorry. So, let me make my intentions quite explicit: I did in fact offer to rape Tom’s wife/daughter/great grandmother. Free of charge, even. I’m generous that way.

Here’s the number for the West Lafayette Police Department: 765-775-5500. Here’s the number for the local FBI office: 765-435-5619. Drop that dime! I could strike at any minute

*giggles* (like a girl)

The comment came from Jamie Newman’s Disqus account, “jamiegnewman.”

The group took screenshots of the comment and has reported it to the university.

Newman has been active in engaging the pro-life group. He reportedly posted two comments on February 4th, stating:

Newman also allegedly posted two comments on Feb. 4, according to screen shots by Students for Life:

You folks are vile, racist idiots, who richly deserve all the opprobrium that will be heaped on you as a result of this unbelievably thoughtless, stupid escapade. That you are seemingly incapable of appreciating the moral, legal, and social differ[ences]…

And that you should have pulled this stunt at the beginning of Black History Month suggests you are are either epically cluless or profoundly malicious. So which is is – embarrassingly dumb or simply evil?

The police and university are investigating the threat.

Purdue Assistant Vice President for Strategic Communications Julie Rosa told Campus Reform:

“Obviously, a threat of rape is outside the bounds of any definition of protected speech. Due process requires that, before taking any action, we verify the alleged facts and give this staff member the chance to explain himself if he can. Needless to say, the statements, as alleged, are reprehensible and unacceptable in the eyes of the entire Purdue community.”

Newman has maintained that his comments were taken out of context. He claimed that the allegations that he threatened to rape anyone were “false and defamatory” and “a complete fabrication.”

In reality, however, it doesn’t seem like there is any other context other than his comments being a threat (even if he never intended to follow-through with the threat).

This is the face of modern debate for leftists. While open dialogue is an important part of our world, for others to hold differing opinions is wholly unacceptable to much of the left and “agree to disagree” is a phrase that cannot be tolerated.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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