Pro-Wrestler Tyrus Uses Perfect Analogy to Absolutely CRUSH Hillary’s ‘Popular Vote’ Narrative [VIDEO]

In what might be the best quote from the election, especially in response to Hillary Clinton operatives that she “won the popular vote” and therefore, somehow, must be considered the winner in the presidential election where popular votes do not matter and have not mattered in the history of our nation.

Only electoral votes matter. Period.

Pro-wrestler Tyrus, now officially a FOX News contributor and a regular on The Greg Gutfeld Show, gave a brilliant football analogy Saturday night that illustrates how ridiculous the calls to eliminate the Electoral College — just because she lost — and the narrative, spun with the assistance of the Democrat Media Complex, that somehow Hillary really won the election because she received more popular votes.

“Saying you have the popular vote is like getting your ass kicked but you had more yards…it doesn’t count.” 

In other words, you don’t get to change the rules of the game after the game ends. It reminds me of one of my fantasy football teams where I am in last place even though I’ve scored the most points in the league. Whining about it doesn’t change the fact that points total (popular votes) don’t matter. I’m still in last place according to wins and losses, regardless. So, in the words of that great philosopher Tyrus, “It doesn’t count.”

The reaction from the rest of Gutfeld’s panel says it all. And while we can’t guarantee it, we can imagine that if Hillary Clinton herself were watching, her reaction would look something like this:


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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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