‘Progressive’ Ideology Will Soon Make Flying FAR More Dangerous

Flying today is relatively safe. Though it can be scary when the jet hits turbulence, the fact is that flying commercially is an incredibly safe way to travel. That is, in no small part, thanks to the dedicated professionals who keep the skies safe for travelers. Commonly known as one of the most-stressful and most mentally demanding job around, air traffic controllers are the unsung heroes of the modern age.

However, thanks to liberal lunacy, our skies will soon becoming more dangerous for passengers as affirmative action-oriented quotas will soon be implemented in the field which will prioritize race and gender over one’s abilities to do the job.

In this day and age of participation trophies, where everybody is a “winner,” it’s not uncommon to encounter in the professional world an associate who secured their job because of the color of their skin or the internal plumbing God gave them. However, this progressive ideology is infinitely more damaging when it is applied to fields upon which we rely to keep people alive.

The New York Post reports on the new standards:

Beginning in 1995, the feds collaborated with universities and colleges to create accredited degree programs… Thereafter, the FAA gave a hiring preference to veterans, those with CTI program degrees, references from administrators, and high test scores.

The change came after an all-but-unnoticed announcement by President Obama’s new FAA head Michael Huerta, in May 2013, of his intent to “transform” the agency “into a more diverse” workplace.
That was accompanied by a suspect analysis that purported to show women and minorities as “underrepresented.”

In December 2013, the FAA began its new hiring process, discarded its long use of the difficult cognitive-assessment test, and implemented instead a new, unmonitored, take-home personality test — a Biographical Questionnaire.

Among other questions, it asked: “The number of high school sports I participated in was?” “How would you describe your ideal job?” “What has been the major cause of your failures?” “More classmates would remember me as humble or dominant?”

Diversity can be a valuable thing in the workplace. However, it is not the most-important thing. For example: having the best people making sure planes aren’t crashing into each other is a vastly more-important thing than making sure the personnel pool is filled with diverse skin tones.

The left absolutely fears the prospect of legitimate competition. From capitalist endeavors to workplace politics, modern liberals cannot conceive of a world where the best business, the most-qualified person or the most-dedicated athlete wins-out. In this perverse belief system, government intervention and the imposition of warped principles masquerading as “social justice” are much more important than the functioning of a viable economy or even the lives of millions of people.

Truly, we are far beyond the point when society should have pushed-back against these breeds of insanity. When will we finally eradicate affirmative action and quota-based hiring?

The next time you are circling an airport awaiting an approach, remember that the person guiding the plane in is not the calm, collected, educated and vetted professional of yesteryear, but will soon be merely an applicant with a high school diploma and the “correct” skin color.

But don’t worry; I’m sure President Obama still relies upon the best-of-the-best to fly him and his family on Air Force One. It’s just us peasants who will soon be playing Russian Roulette of the skies.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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