Progressive Leftists Turn on the Hate After the Announcement of Nancy Reagan’s Death

Today the world lost a graceful, classy and possibly the most elegant First Lady America has ever had. But, that did not stop the vile, hate-filled left from taking to Twitter to either politicize her death or just tweet disgusting things about her…..

and 3,2,1…. let’s politize her death:


Really? You need to grasp reality.

You may not undestand who this wonderful woman was, but seriously, does everything have to be related to a criminal?



and if you thought those were bad you may not want to read these…..


Well, we know where this person will be headed in the end.


I guess this guy just simply hates America and what she stands for.

No really just STOP!

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Kristina Hall
Kristina Hall
Kris is a wife, mother and grandmother. After 12 years in the car industry, she decided to leave in 2010 in order to dive into the world of politics. Kris was not, however, interested in politics as usual. She wanted to help make a change and right the wrongs that have been done to our great Republic. She is a defender of the Constitution and wants to do her part in saving the country for future generations. Working for one of the top conservative groups in the country, Kris served in an instrumental role in all the major events that were planned. Her diversity of skills led her to jobs ranging from database management and content creation to company administration and managing merchandise as well as any other hole that needed to be plugged.

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