Progressive Pedophile Pervert Running for School Board Faces New Charge

Progressive pedophile pervert and candidate for school board, Doug Lindaman. Image Credit: The Des Moines RegisterProgressive pedophile pervert and candidate for school board, Doug Lindaman. Image Credit: The Des Moines Register

Doug Lindaman, 59, is a self-identified “progressive” candidate for the Charles City School District Board of Education in Iowa, who — as we previously reported in early August — has been convicted and sentenced for the heinous crimes of physically molesting boys as young as age 11.

But now the progressive homosexual is facing new charges of sexual abuse, and is in the slammer again.

As reported by The Des Moines Register, school board candidate Lindaman is accused of performing a sexual act on another underaged minor, against his will:

A convicted child sex offender running for school board in Charles City has been charged with another sex crime.

Douglas Lindaman, 59, was charged Thursday with third-degree sexual abuse. He remains in the Floyd County Jail until an initial court hearing at 9 a.m. Friday, when the judge will decide on bail.

According to a criminal complaint, Lindaman allegedly performed a sex act on a 17-year-old boy — against his will or by force — sometime between March and May 2011.

Lindaman was previously convicted of two felony counts of lascivious acts with two boys in 1988. He served two years of a 10-year sentence.

The Register reports that Lindaman is not on the public sex offender list, the Iowa Sex Abuse Registry, because his prior convictions occurred prior to its creation.

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The Charles City Community School District issued a statement following the news that Lindaman had again been arrested for forcing sex on male youths:

The Charles City Community School District is in close communication with the Floyd County District Attorney’s office regarding the recent arrest of Douglas Lindaman.

The Floyd County District Attorney sought pretrial supervision for Mr. Lindaman. That request was denied by the judge.

Prior to today’s bond hearing, the District had no grounds to prevent Lindaman from attending school board meetings and events on school grounds. The District is working with law enforcement officials and the school’s attorney on any additional appropriate measures to protect the safety of students.

The progressive child molester Lindaman was previously sentenced to serve two consecutive five-year prison terms for sexually abusing two boys, ages 11 and 16. About those prior convictions and his running for school board, Lindaman said to The Courier:

“I would appreciate a halt to the character assassination. I have been a productive citizen in the democratic process. I have been operating a farm livestock operation for the past 25 years. I have been richly blessed with friends and family in this community and wish to be a progressive public servant who can focus on numbers to solve issues.”

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