Promoting Sharia Law: Major U.S. Airport Adding Muslim Prayer Room

On September 11, 2001, Muslim terrorists took over planes and flew them into the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. One other plane was brought down by passengers who revolted and forced the plane down before terrorists were able to lead it to its intended target. Over 3,000 Americans died that day as the world watched many of them jump to their deaths rather than be burned alive in the high rise buildings engulfed in flames.

The history of that day makes the plans of Orlando International Airport all the more baffling. Greater Orlando Aviation Authority airport officials are planning to open a Muslim prayer room with a grand opening is set to coincide with the announcement by Emirates Airline of their non-stop flight from Orlando to Dubai. They are spending $250,000 to have the prayer room completed by September 1.

There was understandable outrage expressed on social media upon news of this new prayer room opening.

Airport officials tried to explain away the addition of the prayer room as being something they are doing for people of all faiths.

Screenshot 2015-08-18 at 9.26.38 AMHowever, even local reported the addition of the prayer room as being in direct response to this increased influx of travelers of Muslim faith due to the non-stop flight to Dubai.

Following the March announcement of Emirates Airlines’ non-stop flights from Orlando to Dubai, Orlando International Airport is taking an extra step to accommodate passengers – especially those of the Muslim faith.

A new “Reflection Room” is being added to Terminal B because of the increase of passengers coming from the Middle East. It’s a place where they can pray.

“These rooms provide travelers an opportunity to pray in their own way and have peace before they take on a long flight,” said Imam Muhammad Musri, president of the Islamic Society of Central Florida.

Even the airport director of public affairs, Carolyn Fennell, admitted that although the addition of the prayer room is for all international travelers regardless of faith, they did specifically have Muslims in mind,”So they aren’t having to, if it is the case, kneel on bathroom floors or in corners so they have the reflective time.”

Pamela Geller, who organized a Draw Mohammad event in Garland, Texas which resulted in her attempted assassination by Muslim terrorists and later a fatwa, official threat to her life, by an imam, called out the Orlando airport officials for this special prayer room for Muslims.

We don’t see airports opening churches or synagogues. Airports generally have nondenominational prayer rooms for everyone. But the supremacism inherent in Islam dictates that non-Muslims cannot pray in mosques (non-Muslims can enter a mosque for proselytizing), hence their own special mosque room at Orlando Airport. Equality for all is a Western dictate that Islamic supremacists despise. Special rights for a special class —

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There is currently a chapel at the airport which was built in 1981 as well as plans for an interdenominational chapel to be located in the main terminal. While some argue that this ‘reflection room’ is open to all faiths, it is quite suspect that it is timed to open, coincidentally, just as the non-stop flight to Dubai will begin.

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