More Proof that Liar and Hillary Clinton are Synonymous: Look What the FBI Found

Another day, another case of Hillary Clinton being caught in another lie to provide cover for herself in Emailgate. Hillary is so hell-bent on covering her corruption that she’ll outright lie in order to do it. Then, her surrogates and other Democrat mouthpieces will claim that she has apologized for her actions and taken ownership for what she did, as she continues to lie about it and shift the blame to others, like Colin Powell.

Well, it turns out Hillary Clinton has not been forthcoming or truthful…again…when it comes to her emails that were housed on a private, unsecured server located in someone’s bathroom.

The FBI has discovered an additional nearly 15,000 work-related emails that Hillary never turned over after leaving her position as Secretary of State. How could this be when Hillary has been adamant on numerous occasions that she has given all work-related emails to the FBI while simultaneously claiming that further investigation into her email scandal is simply a “vast right-wing conspiracy,” the typical Clinton claim to cover their tracks and corruption.

I’ll tell you how. It’s because Hillary Clinton is a liar who cares about two things…money and power.

She will do anything to protect herself and her pocketbook interests, even if it means lying.

It’s who she is.

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The liberal media may not call Hillary Clinton out on her continuous lies and her supporters may write it off as a nothingburger, because they like the stench of Hillary’s corrupt smell, but many on Twitter spoke out.

No wonder so many Americans don’t trust the government. With Emailgate and the lies she has gotten away with, Hillary Clinton has proven one thing…justice isn’t blind. Elitist leftists like her can get away with anything.

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