Leftist Protesters Target English-Themed Restaurant for ‘Glorifying Imperialism’

It was once noted that the sun never sets on the British flag. The British Empire was once so massive that the Crown possessed colonies all around the globe. Over time, through revolts and peaceful transitions, the British Empire has shrunk and the former colonies now govern themselves.

So, that’s the end of this story, right? Wrong. For the bored left, it’s not enough to accept realities as they are but must also express outrage at supposed historical wrongs.

A restaurant in Portland, Oregon, is under attack from protesters who are outraged that the English-themed restaurant has dared to offer dishes from the days of the height of the British Empire.

Portland is often noted for being a weird town with a dedicated hipster population. Thus, the cuisine in the hipster haven is often centered on eccentric delicacies and chic décor. Sally Krantz capitalized on the market that prefers niches and opened Saffron Colonial, a restaurant that serves “globally inspired dishes from the height of the British Empire,” such as Indian food as well as traditional English food. Owner Sally Krantz maintains that she’s interested in historical food and simply wanted to open a restaurant centered on that premise.

Naturally, the bored bullies of the perpetually-offended crowd have objected harshly and demanded that Krantz change her menu and restaurant theme as she is supposedly exploiting the damage done by imperialism.

“We will NOT accept the glorification of colonialism in our community, particularly in a neighborhood that has a painful legacy of black & brown folks being displaced,” states the Facebook page set up to organize a march to protest the restaurant.

The protesters have issued an open letter to Krantz, penned in the usual whiny language of the modern social justice warrior with nothing of substance about which left to gripe.

“While molasses cookies and sausage rolls may come to mind for you when you think of British colonialism, many of us associate it with forced religious conversion/cultural erasure, famine, and slavery,” the letter says. “You may argue that those days are long gone, but India has been independent for less than 70 years, which means there are still people alive today who have experienced the harms of British colonial rule.”

The letter also takes issue with the restaurant’s location. Krantz’s restaurant opened in longtime black neighborhood that has become more gentrified in recent years.

Because, apparently, blacks moving into white neighborhoods is a sign of cultural progress, but white people investing in black neighborhoods is, somehow, racist.

“It’s a slap in the face to people who have experience the harms of racist economic development policies (a legacy of colonialism), wherein land and resources were taken from black and brown people in order to make some white folks rich,” the letter whines.

The special snowflakes have issued demands to Krantz, including:

-Eliminating all references to plantations, such as the “Tortolan Plantation Press.”

-Apologizing for the “pain” inflicted on “black/brown communities”

-Hosting a listening session on gentrification

-Requiring a chef who called protesters “crazy” to apologize and attend unconscious bias training, and firing him if he refuses

The protesters have resorted to extortion and have set to sabotaging the restaurant’s Yelp page with negative reviews.

“If you would like your eggs served with a side of bigotry and complete ignorance, this is the place to go,” a review says. “This food is racism, British Colonial, WINSTON CHURCHILL inspired food. You mean the same Winston Churchill that caused the Indian famine under his rule? … Somehow, in some way, that history makes me hunger for eggs and brunch. Have some taste people. Boycott this place until it dies.”

Krantz isn’t giving up, however, and pointed-out a glaring hypocrisy:

“Nobody is protesting Southern cuisine,” she said. “Nobody is protesting Arab cuisine. I’m not sure where that stops.”

If you’re in Portland and wish to support a local business, please stop by Saffron Colonial  at 4120 N. Williams. Or, if you would like to balance the discussion, please visit the Yelp page to offset the ravings of these bullies.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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