Question Asked by Liberal Newspaper About Open Carry Supporters Will Make Your Blood Boil

Earlier this year, Texas became the largest state to allow open carry handguns, a change that gun rights activists have sought for years. Residents with concealed carry permits are now allowed to carry the weapons openly in holsters. Of course, this doesn’t sit too well with those anti-gun rights, anti-Constitution leftists who for some reason believe that strict gun control laws and gun regulations will stop “gun violence.”

The liberal Dallas Morning News put their anti-gun rights bias attack on full display with an attack on law-abiding gun owners who support open carry. Their tweet simultaneously showed their absurdity and bigotry.

The tweet, which linked to an article by Tod Robberson, an editorial writer, asked a question that should go down as one of the most racially charged, anti-Constitution and bigoted statements by the liberal press, and that’s saying a lot.

In the article, Robberson writes about Tamir Rice, the black 12-year old who was shot by police in Cleveland while waving around what turned out to be an air-soft gun, however the orange cap identifying it as a toy had been removed. Outside investigators determined that police acted justifiably in the shooting given what they knew and the split second decision that had to be made.

Robberson decided to use this situation to attack open carry advocates all over the country, specifically in Texas, and, even more specifically, one individual.

So where’s all that self-righteous Kory Watkins outrage? The same outrage that led him to threaten Texas lawmakers who didn’t support open-carry legislation? If he were consistent with his own beliefs, he should have made a big public issue about the clear violation of Tamir Rice’s constitutional rights.

Hey, Robberson! Open carry does not mean carry the gun openly with your finger on the trigger and waving it around. The Tamir Rice situation had nothing to do with open carry. The gun was not holstered in any fashion. In fact, it can be clearly seen in pictures that Rice had the gun in his hand with other pictures showing that he was waving the gun around. So, no Mr. Robberson, this was not an open carry situation.

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But, facts are meaningless to leftists when they get in the way of their agenda. Robberson obviously saw an opportunity to go after gun rights and cry racism against gun rights advocates at the same time, so he twisted the facts and went with it.

Robberson then took his attack on gun rights advocates to an even lower level and revealed his bigotry at the same time with his next statement, which inspired the tweet from the leftist rag the Dallas Morning News.

The logical conclusion is that either the open-carry movement only supports the gun rights of white conservatives, or they believe that open-carry only should apply to Texans.

But, the Democrat Media Complex doesn’t have an agenda, right? Wrong.

These anti-freedom lefties in the media will stop at nothing until they have assisted the Democrats and their Dear Leader Obama in stripping law-abiding Americans of their constitutional rights and making them sitting duck targets for criminals.

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Jennifer Burke
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