Several Questions that Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and the Rest of the Trump Cult Must Answer

After more bashing from Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham toward those of us who told them what Donald Trump is and has been and will be and now condemns us as being immoral if we don’t vote for him, I have decided to look even deeper into Donald Trump. I have come to the conclusion that he not only wants to lose to Clinton, he also wants to turn the Senate and the House to the Democrats.

How can I possibly say that? Donald Trump brags that he is a conservative and a Christian. After all, a lot of his supporters believe him when he says this. So surely on both of these counts we can find some fruit, right? Well, we are told he is a baby Christian so maybe he is so new at that he won’t have any fruit.

Okay, what about conservatism? He has claimed this for quite some time now, there must be lots of fruit there to glean from.

Who has Donald endorsed in the House or Senate? Anyone that is a true conservative? Rep. Renee Ellmers ? She opposed a bill banning abortion after 20 weeks and voted to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank. Plus, she was the first congressional representative to endorse Trump – what’s that say about her?

Now, Tim Huelskamp was a true conservative and he was in trouble in Kansas. Surely Donald would help him out and endorse him right? No. Why not? Think about it. Trump defends a convicted rapist like Mike Tyson but doesn’t even give the time of day to Huelskamp? Why isn’t there any fruit to show that Trump is a conservative?

Donald Trump got together with Bill Clinton and came up with a plan to not only put Hillary Clinton in the White House (personally, I think it was Bill’s idea, he gets back into the White House and doesn’t have to spend time making decisions on which aspirin factory to bomb, but instead will get plenty of time to do other “things”) but also if he plays it just right he can do enough damage to give the Senate and maybe even the House to Madam President.

How can I say such a thing, especially since I know that the Hannity/Ingraham Trumpers will say naughty and bad things about me? Did you not see where the RNC and Trump are having “conversations” about money and who should get what? If Donald wanted to help the Republican down ballots he would be spending his own stinking money and allow the Republican Party to be spending their money on the down ballots instead of forking over 80% of their money to him.

Where in the world is all this rich guy’s money?? He should have around $950,000,000 left of the billion he promised to spend on his campaign; where is it?

Shoot if he isn’t going to spend it on his own campaign, give it to those true conservatives who really need it to get the word out about their campaigns. Double shoot — if he isn’t going to spend it on his own campaign, at least give it to those RINO’s who want to be like the democrats, at least it will get used.

I am afraid that (okay, first let’s be honest he doesn’t have that kind of money but lets pretend he does) instead he wants to save his money in order to go back to giving it to his Democrat buddies who will, he believes, be in the majority after the election so he can be making these great deals again with his buddy politicians. And BELIEVE ME (okay, I stole that from the Donald), Madam President is going to be owing Donald Trump YUGE favors.

And here is my really tough question I’m trying to decide on, when do you think that Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Jerry Falwell Jr., etc, (I would include Ann Coulter but she is so wacko she would need to be on a separate list) will stop blaming the people who tried to warn them what Donald Trump is? November 9th, tomorrow, or never…

What I do hope is that every high profile person who has been supporting and willingly covering for Trump, hiding the truth from people about him and every single GOP leader who has tried to shut up those of us who has been and still are trying to warn voters about Donald Trump, will lose their jobs.

Now I realize they aren’t dummies and they have already figured out that people are going to be asking for their heads when Trump loses – and that is why they MUST put the blame on those of us who tried to warn them and not themselves/Trump. DO NOT let them get away with it!

They are part of a cult.

Here is my definition of a cult: Ignore everyone who tells you before you get on the train that the bridge is out and then tries to shame you because you aren’t stupid enough to get on the train with them, and then to top it off, blames you for the bridge being out. #don’tblamemeIwarnedyou.

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Cecil Stinemetz
Cecil Stinemetz
Cecil Stinemetz moved from Kansas to Iowa in 2000. He volunteered with the Cruz campaign 2015/2016 and became National Delegate to Cleveland at the RNC Convention.

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