Racist, Cop-Hating NAACP Leader: Dallas BLM Terrorist Was ‘Defenseless,’ Victim of ‘High-Tech Lynching’

Professional racial grievance industry profiteer, Curtis Everette Gatewood

NAACP Leader Compares Black People to Dogs ‘Being Left in Cages to Die’

The field director for the NAACP, a communist front group masquerading as a civil rights organization, Rev. Curtis Everette Gatewood, contends that the Black Lives Matter-inspired terrorist who racially assassinated five innocent Dallas police officers last Thursday is somehow the real victim.

Moreover, the race-hustling Gatewood argued, hoping to pour more gasoline on the racial fires set by his racial grievance industry superiors Barack Obama and Al Sharpton, in a recent Facebook post that the heavily armed Dallas racial terrorist was not only “defenseless,” but was also the recipient of a “high-tech lynching.”

Unfortunately, Gatewood didn’t stop there and his delusions got even more grotesque. Look at this gem where he compares black people to animals — to dogs.

This is disgusting, an absolutely shameful analogy that takes jumping the shark to heights not yet seen.

h/t:  Daily Caller

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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