Radical Feminists Fall for EPIC Hoax That Makes Them Look Like Fools

Lefties have been known to practice hashtag activism on Twitter in an attempt to bring attention to their far-left, radical agenda. These unhinged people have participated in all kinds of hashtags on Twitter. The have declared their allegiance to the baby butchers and illegal body parts traffickers at Planned Parenthood with #IStandWithPP. They’ve called on the Muslim terrorists Boko Haram in Africa to #BringBackOurGirls, a hashtag that even Michelle Obama participated in.

On a more disgusting level, feminists specifically have gone off the deep end in their feminazi activities in an attempt to “fight for women’s rights.” As part of this fight, they encouraged women to #livetweetyourperiod. Yes, you read that correctly. Feminists wanted women to post pictures of their blood-stained feminine products, or of blood running down their legs, for all the world to see on Twitter.

The fact that some deranged individuals actually did tweet pictures of their period, something that should remain personal in a sane world, perhaps made it easier for some to fall for another disgusting hashtag activism endeavor.

Apparently, it all began on 4Chan, an anonymous bulletin board site. They pondered whether they could actually get people to piss on themselves in the name of “equality.”


A person with any degree of common sense would think there is no way women would urinate on themselves in the name of anything, and doing so certainly has nothing to do with equality. It simply shows incredible stupidity and how quickly these radicals will demonstrate a complete lack of critical thinking and sheep mentality.

So, the hoax was on and it didn’t take long for idiots to take the bait and run with it. These women proudly urinated on themselves and took a picture to “take a stand for equality” on Twitter.




One woman defended the #PissForEquality movement vehemently.

And these people expect us to take them and their “causes” seriously?

Have some self-respect, my fellow women.

Pissing on yourself does not demonstrate strength. It does not somehow blur the lines between what makes a man a man and a woman a women. It does not send the message “I am woman, hear me roar!”

Instead, it shows how idiotic each of you are.

h/t Right Wing News

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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