Racist, Activist Former AG Eric Holder to Bill Maher: Push OUR Side Only!

When former Attorney General Eric Holder was in college at Columbia University in 1970, he participated in an armed takeover of a former ROTC office with the demand that it be renamed the ‘Malcolm X Lounge.’ Prior to becoming Attorney General, Holder’s law firm represented 17 terrorists from Yemen who were being held at Gitmo. To show you how committed he was to these terrorists, the firm represented them pro bono.

So, when Holder was nominated by Barack Obama to be Attorney General, it raised a lot of eyebrows.

While serving the Obama regime in that capacity, Holder acted more like Obama’s personal attorney and a radical activist than the top law enforcement official for all in America. When black teens were “playing the knockout game,” meaning they would punch a white person at random and render them unconscious, Holder never stepped in to call these heinous, targeted acts hate crimes. Despite the numerous instances of black youth knocking out white people, including the elderly and pregnant women, Holder didn’t acknowledge this dangerous game or call it a hate crime until one white teen committed the act against an elderly black man. In fact, he had the belief that white people could not be victims of hate crimes.

Given his background and belief system, perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising that Holder would push for Bill Maher, who leans very far left except when it comes to radical Islam then he is spot on, to not have guests on who would offer an opinion or have principles opposite of progressivism. In fact, using Republican Rep. Darrel Issa as an example as a past guest on Maher’s show who enraged him, Holder had an idea for Maher. “Ban him!” he said.

Holder said one of the things he didn’t like about “Real Time” was that they had Rep. Darryl Issa (R-Calif.), chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, on as a guest.

“The one thing I didn’t like about your show given all the crap I had to deal with, I had to watch your show and see him up here,” Holder said. “Ban him!

“No, we can’t do it that way. Come on, we have to come together. We have to listen to both sides,” Maher said.

“Not in this new world we have. We push our side,” Holder said.

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For his part, Maher defended having diversity of thought on his show and reminded Holder that failure to truly listen to others is one of the reasons Democrats got their clocks cleaned.

“Well we do push our side, but I mean I would argue with you that one reason why the Democrats lost is ‘cause they didn’t listen to the other side. They didn’t hear those voices. They used to be the party of the working man, and they seemed to have forgotten how to do that.”

Given the fact that Hillary Clinton’s campaign are calling women who voted for Donald Trump misogynists, Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer has introduced a bill to eliminate the electoral college, and leftists are destroying cities across America in ridiculous and dangerous displays of temper tantrums, in addition to Holder wanting to ban opposing thoughts to progressivism, it looks like they’ve learned nothing.

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