Ralph Peters: I’ll Vote for ‘Criminal’ Clinton Over ‘Moscow’s Man’ Trump [VIDEO]

Representative of just how reprehensible these two “presidential” nominees are is this startling interview from FOX Business Monday with retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel Ralph Peters.

Peters, who FOX News suspended in December for calling Obama a “total pussy,” might be the most unlikely person to vote for Hillary Clinton since her agenda is largely identical to Obama’s. Yet the always outspoken Ralph Peters told Stuart Varney that despite Hillary Clinton being, in his words, “despicable,” “criminal,” “greedy,” and “corrupt,” that he will still vote for her over Donald Trump, who he referred to as “Moscow’s man,” a reference to Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin.

I think Hillary Clinton is despicable,” Peters told Varney, an admitted Trump supporter. “She has committed criminal acts. She’s greedy, she’s corrupt, and yes, I’m going to vote for her. I’m going to vote for Republicans down the ballot, but I’m voting for Hillary Clinton because it’s a vote against Donald Trump. I don’t want Moscow’s man in the White House.”

Peters said he could be a lot more popular by just saying that “Donald Trump is the Messiah and I’m going to vote for him,” but that the election is about the security of the country.

“Here’s a guy who apologizes for everything Vladimir Putin does makes crazy remarks about NATO, about Syria, about nukes, about the Mosul offensive. And oh, by the way, about foreign trade. You want a global recession? You want to see your portfolio really tank? Sure, just walk away from all our trade deals — great job,” Peters said sarcastically.

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Varney said he supports Trump because he has a “growth plan,” that would lead to economic growth in his opinion, but Peters vehemently disagreed, proclaiming that Trump is lying to the American people and specifically blue-collar workers when he says he’ll bring back manufacturing jobs that have been lost over the years.

“The village blacksmith job is not coming back,” Peters said. “People need skills for the jobs of the future and this cult of Trump is going to lead [to] a lot of places.

“Look, Hillary Clinton’s domestic policies repel me. She’s awful! but she’s safer for this country’s security than Donald Trump, and I think Vladimir Putin has a deep hold on Trump, and we should all be much more alarmed than we are.”

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