Rand Paul Drops a Jaw-Breaker on Liberal Billionaire Michael Bloomberg and One GOP Candidate [VIDEO]

Kentucky senator and Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul was asked to comment on the possibility of another billionaire, controlist Michael Bloomberg, entering the presidential race, as the former New York mayor hinted over the weekend.

Michael Bloomberg, a nanny stater who is anti-Second Amendment rights and believes that progressively liberal government stooges should control the amount of soda pop an individual should legally be allowed to drink, floated the idea of running as an Independent leftist, an idea that has to be a scary possibility, since Bloomberg would no doubt take more votes from Democrats than Republicans, in the same way — but on opposite sides — that another billionaire, Ross Perot handed Democrat Bill Clinton the victory over squishy establishment RINO George H.W. “No New Taxes” Bush in 1992.

Rand Paul was asked on Monday’s Happening Now, a FOX News program, to comment on the prospects of another self-funding billionaire entering the race — Michael Bloomberg — who has pledged to spend $1 billion of his massive fortune in order to buy the election, assuming the leftist chooses to enter the race.

“Our initial response was I thought we already had one billionaire in the race.” ~ Rand Paul

Paul, who has struggled to gain traction this far in his presidential bid, used the opportunity to bash another billionaire in the race — Donald Trump — saying that American already has one billionaire in the race and the last thing that the GOP needs is another “dealmaker” to make deals with Democrats:

“I think what conservatives have been unhappy about Washington is that there’s so much dealmaking going up there. The conservatives don’t even represent the Republican Party.

And I’ll give you an example, the deals that were made recently to raise the debt ceiling and to put all the spending into one bill. I think Trump is really the art of the deal, he is a dealmaker, and I don’t think he’ll be any different than what we have currently.

And I think conservatives are going to be really disappointed when they discover, you know what, we thought he was angry and against Washington and it was protesting Washington, it turns out, we got exactly what Washington’s full of, dealmakers.

Rand Paul went on to excoriate Donald Trump over the abuse of eminent domain — giving a specific example — as well as pointing out that Trump was a big supporter of Wall Street bank bailouts, as well as the ill-conceived, unconstitutional Obama “stimulus” plan, and universal health care, a scheme that puts Trump in the same lane as socialist Bernie Sanders.

Paul goes on to question the validity of polls showing Trump with huge leads, pointing out that the recent Kentucky governor’s race had polls as much as thirteen points off the actual election results.


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Matthew K. Burke
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