Rand Paul Flip-Flops; Goes Birther on Ted Cruz

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s desperation is showing as he has watched his bid to become the 2016 GOP presidential nominee disintegrate right before his very eyes. As Paul has dropped in the polls, his attempts to make himself relevant in hopes of gaining some amount of steam have become more and more, shall we say, unRand-like.

The Iowa caucus, the first one in the nation, is right around the corner. It will be held on February 1. It is a coveted win that each candidate longs for, and Rand Paul is currently only polling at one-percent in the most recent Iowa Republican Presidential Caucus poll conducted by Gravis on December 23. When Donald Trump was the clear front-runner, Paul tried and failed to attack him at debates. The anger he attempted to display at the debates simply fell flat. Now that Ted Cruz is considered the one to beat in Iowa, Rand Paul is setting his sights on him with a flip-flop so hypocritical, it is astonishing.

Though Ted Cruz was born in Canada, his mother was then, and still is, a United States citizen. Opponents of Cruz have gone birther accusing him of not being eligible to be president based upon where he was born. The National Constitution Center has already addressed the issue regarding whether Cruz is eligible to run for president. He is. Top conservative talk show host and constitutional scholar Mark Levin has also addressed those questioning Cruz’s eligibility saying that he is ready and willing to debate anyone who claims that Cruz is not eligible to run for president.

But, on Wednesday, desperate Rand Paul took birtherism to an entirely new level, revealing his flip-flopping hypocrisy in the process.

During an interview with Kilmeade and Friends, on FOX News Radio with Brian Kilmeade, Paul had this to say about Cruz.

“You know, I think without question he is qualified and would make the cut to be prime minister of Canada, absolutely without question, he is qualified and he meets the qualifications.”

Really, Rand Paul? Cruz is qualified to be prime minister of Canada?

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He then went on to say that he isn’t a legal scholar on the issue and hinted at the possibility of the issue of Ted Cruz’s eligibility needing to be determined by the Supreme Court.

“You know, I’m not an expert on the natural-born clause in the Constitution and people have various opinions,” Paul explained. “Some people believe it means you need to be born here, some people think it means you can be born in another country as long as your parents are citizens.”

“And we’ve had some previous cases of it, but I don’t think we’ve ever gone through the court system for the Supreme Court to decide one way or another,” Paul added. “It is interesting, and I think sometimes people point out that it’s a double standard, in the sense that people went out, hot and heavy, including Donald Trump you know, about President Obama when there was really nothing more than conjecture that he wasn’t born in the country. And yet, there hasn’t been really the same outrage at all for some one who actually is born in another country.”

With this argument, Rand Paul stand on the side of the establishment, much like he did when he supported RINO Obama’s Mitch McConnell in his re-election to the Senate, throwing Tea Party supported candidate Matt Bevin under the bus. In addition, this puts Paul squarely on the side of RINOsaur and failed 2008 presidential candidate John McCain, who himself was born in Panama, who made similar arguments on Wednesday in an attempt to stop Cruz’s meteoric rise, as well as shows Paul’s blatant hypocrisy in a flagrant flip-flop.

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In 2013, Paul’s stance on Cruz’s eligibility to be president was very different.

“You won’t find me questioning his eligibility. I decided a long time ago I wouldn’t be a birther. I’m not a birther for Democrats. I’m not a birther for Republicans. I’m staying out of that.”

It looks like Rand Paul’s extremely low poll numbers have caused him to not only get in the conversation, but to also contradict himself in now challenging the eligibility of Ted Cruz when at one time he defended him.

Your flip-flopping desperation is not very becoming, Rand. So much for standing on principle.




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