Rand Paul Hits HARD at Obama White House Claim That Trump is ‘Disqualified’

After Obama paid liar Josh Earnest argued that Donald Trump, as well as any Republican presidential candidate who doesn’t completely condemn him, is somehow “disqualified” from the presidential race, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul slammed the contention, turning the tables and the “disqualified” label on Earnest’s boss, treasonous Marxist Barack Obama.

Paul wrote that it “took alot of nerve” for Earnest (who actually cited the Constitution — what a joke!) to accused a Republican presidential candidate of being disqualified considering Obama has for five years been “acting like a King and [has been] ignoring our Constitution.”

Earnest was reacting to Trump’s recently announced plan to initiate a temporary halt to Muslim infiltration into the United States, in light of the Muslim terrorist attacks last week in San Bernardino — radical Islamic terrorism that resulted in the tragic death of 14 Americans. Rand Paul, whose amendment to halt the issuance of visas to people coming to America from a list of 32 high Muslim, high terrorist countries was defeated 89-10 in the U.S. Senate last week, listed the ten following reasons (he probably could have listed dozens more) Obama is “unqualified” to be President of the United States:

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Yesterday, Rand Paul told Yahoo News leftist Katie Couric, in response to Trump’s plan, “I think stricter scrutiny is a good idea,” but disagreed with having a religious test.

“But I think if we want to say there is no religious aspect to this war, I think that’s a big mistake,” he told Couric.

While Rand Paul didn’t exactly defend Trump’s position, and has previously been one of Trump’s harshest critics in the still-crowded GOP field, his pushback against attacks from the establishment in both parties (not to mention the talking heads in the media), brilliantly refocuses attention where it should be — on Obama and his failed and tyrannical rule.

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Matthew K. Burke
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