Rand Paul: I’m the Only GOP Candidate Who Doesn’t Want to ‘Blow Up the World’

As the first GOP presidential debate approaches, Republican Senator and 2016 presidential candidate Rand Paul just launched a bomb against the crowded field, attempting to differentiate himself from the other candidates.

Senator Paul told the leftist Washington Post in Iowa over the weekend that he’s the only GOP candidate who doesn’t want to “blow up the world” and that is a significant difference between him and the rest of the GOP field, and that he plans to make that case at the first debate on Thursday.

According to the Post, Paul said that the debate will pit him against the other GOP candidates who want to “send half a million of your sons and daughters back” to Iraq and that he will ask the other GOP candidates whether they “want to always intervene in every civil war around the world.”

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“I want to be known as the candidate who’s not eager for war, who thinks war’s the last resort,” Paul said. “When we fight, we fight to win, but much of our involvement has led to consequences that made us less safe. You’ll see that come into sharp distinction.”

Paul has long been against intervening in foreign conflicts unless the U.S. is directly attacked; against getting involved in other country’s civil wars.

Nevertheless, Paul has previously said the the U.S. must “get on with destroying” ISIS, the radical Islamic terrorist group beheading Christians and other non-Muslims throughout the world, albeit with the approval of Congress and not via executive fiat.

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Other Republican candidates are no doubt are hoping that Paul’s charge doesn’t get picked up by the eventual Democrat nominee in the general election. You can almost see the ads showing the world blowing up and the quote from Paul saying that he was the only GOP candidate who didn’t want to “blow up the world.”

It wouldn’t be the first time Democrats used that tactic. The famous 1964 ad “Daisy” literally destroyed Republican Barry Goldwater’s candidacy against Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson.


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