EPIC: Bendover Boehner Gets Brutal Beatdown From Idaho Congressman [VIDEO]

After former Surrender Caucus leader John Boehner called constitutional conservative Ted Cruz “Lucifer in the flesh,” and said he hadn’t worked with “a more miserable son of a bitch” in his life, referring to Cruz, Congressman Raul Labrador from Idaho, a solid conservative, pulled off the gloves and gave Bendover Boehner a painful smackdown on national TV.

Appearing on CNN with Wolf Blitzer Friday afternoon, Raul Labrador calmly shredded RINO John Boehner, calling him the “worst Speaker of the House in history,” that Boehner “hates people who disagree with him,” especially conservatives, and that the overly tanned Boehner was only interested in the easy life with his “wine and golf club.”

“You know, that was probably the unclassiest thing that I’ve ever seen somebody do in politics,” Labrador said, setting up his epic tirade that left Blitzer joking at the end to “tell us how you really feel.”

“I thought he was probably the worst Speaker of the House in history. He was a terrible leader. And now, I think the gloves are off.

I think it’s really kind of shameful that he would say such a thing about Ted Cruz. And it just shows you that people like John Boehner in Washington, DC…they would rather work with Hillary Clinton — they would rather work with Donald Trump — than they would work with conservatives.

Those kind of things that he’s saying about Ted Cruz are the kinds of things John Boehner has been saying about conservatives in Washington, DC, for the last five years.

He hates us. He hates people who disagree with him. And he hates people who do not help him just have a good afternoon with his wine and his golf club. What he wants to do is have an easy life.

He wanted to have that for the past five years and we [conservatives] didn’t make life easy on him. We made life very difficult because he wasn’t keeping the promises that we had made to our constituents. That’s the main reason why he’s not the Speaker of the House right now and it’s the main reason that he was such a failure as a Speaker. 

And I think it’s really sad to see a man do that in his later years. He should have kept his comments to himself instead of saying something like that.” 

“Next time, congressman, you’ll have to tell us how you really feel,” CNN’s Blitzer said, ending the interview.

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Matthew K. Burke
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