Raven Symone Speaks Up About The Spring Valley High Incident; The Vulgar Response on Twitter is Shocking

The View’s Raven Symone has been a hot topic of conversation lately, and her opinion on the Spring Valley High School incident involving a ‘white’ officer and a ‘black’ female student is once again causing Twitter to come off its hinges.

A video of Officer Ben Fields was put up on YouTube which showed him grabbing a female high school student, throwing her to the floor, and dragging her out of her chair. The student had been instructed by a teacher to leave the classroom, then by an administrator when she would not comply. After she still failed to adhere to authority, thereby disrupting the learning environment for everyone else, the campus police was called.

Raven simply stated that the girl was being disobedient. While calling the officer’s force “ridiculous,” she added that the student should follow the rules.

Cue the Twitter Keyboard Warriors:

Isn’t it unbelievable some of the tweets you just read. People wishing she would get beaten, be bleached white and the relentless racist name calling with terms like ‘coon’ and ‘Uncle Tom’. No wonder we have a race issue in this country with people like this.

Not everyone was attacking her though. Thankfully, I was able to find a couple of favorable tweets towards her.

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Kristina Hall
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