READ the Death Threat a Conservative Trump Critic Received from a Trump Supporter

Tara Setmayer has been a vocal opponent to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign from the beginning. The conservative CNN political commentator has stood by her principles and refused to get on the Trump Train. Her criticism of Trump, who she believes to be a liberal con man, has infuriated Trump supporters.

One Trump supporter let his thoughts Setmayer be known. Those thoughts are that he intends to kill her. He sent her a very disturbing message insulting her not only over her weight and thoughts but also displaying racist bigotry over her ethnicity.

Setmayer is black and that no doubt infuriates the white supremacist supporters of Donald Trump even more. She tweeted the message she received along with a message of her own to Trump supporters who refuse to believe that words have meaning and also argue that Trump’s words do not inspire violent psychopaths.

Although I have never met her, one thing about Tara when you watch her speak her mind on television is that she is a fighter. She is fearless and unafraid. She reassured those who reached out in support of her on Twitter that she will not back down.

One individual came to Trump’s defense and asked where does the person threatening her indicates they are a Trump.

Tara let him know that this is not an isolated message. She receives this type of message every time she appears on CNN and criticizes Trump.

Please pray for Tara Setmayer’s safety. It is shameful that someone exercising their First Amendment right of freedom of speech would lead to threats against their life by some psychopath who doesn’t like what she has to say.

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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