Ronald Reagan’s Family ‘INSULTED’ When Drumpf Gets Compared to The Gipper [VIDEO]

“His grandchildren are, in fact, insulted that they would compare Donald Trump to their grandfather. The whole Reagan family is insulted by it.”

The conservative son of the late, great conservative former president Ronald Reagan, Michael Reagan, told Newsmax TV on Tuesday night that his entire family is insulted whenever anyone compares bloviating billionaire and TV actor Donald Trump to his father.

Additionally, when asked by The Hardline host Ed Berliner what he would say to those who say that people must get in line behind Trump in order to stop Hillary Clinton, who would be an “absolute disaster for America,” Reagan said there are people who believe that Trump would also be a disaster, not only for the United States, but for the entire world.

“I didn’t vote for Donald Trump today, and my father wouldn’t have voted for Donald Trump today,” Reagan said about Tuesday’s California primary. “Because as a Reagan, I’m not going to support someone who’s so demeaning. In my book, I talk about the lessons my father taught me. One of those is you don’t speak down to people. You don’t be demeaning to people.”

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Reagan said that his father was able to work with Democrat Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill not because he used the type of name-calling but because he found common ground.

“Are you insulted when people compare your father to Donald Trump?” Berliner asked.

“Oh absolutely. Absolutely insulted by people who compare my father to Donald Trump,” Reagan revealed. “His grandchildren are, in fact, insulted that they would compare Donald Trump to their grandfather. The whole Reagan family is insulted by it. Donald Trump is no Ronald Reagan. I knew Ronald Reagan, he was a friend of mine, and Donald you’re no Ronald Reagan.”

Reagan went on to assert that if his dad was anything like Donald Trump, Nancy Reagan would have never married Ronald Reagan and certainly wouldn’t have voted for Donald Trump.


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