‘Redskins’ is Racist, but THIS is Okay? PC Hypocrisy in Full Display

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Terry Rambler is a Native American rabble-rouser. He’s also a humongous hypocrite. Rambler, who serves as the chairman of the San Carlos Apache Tribe in Arizona, is a vocal opponent of the Washington Redkins’ name and has testified before Congress that the team should be forced to change their name because he deems it to be racist.

But, the holier than thou and judge of what is racist and what isn’t Rambler raised eyebrows and accusations of hypocrisy with his Halloween costume. You see, Rambler, who continuously works to shame the Redskins into changing their name even though not all Native Americans agree with his belief that the name is racist, wore blackface as part of his Halloween costume.

Oh snap!

Proud of his Bob Marley costume, Rambler posted pictures on his Facebook page, then took them down after he was called out for his hypocrisy. However, Newsbusters took a screenshot before Rambler had a chance to delete it.

rambler tweet

Image Credit: Facebook via Newsbusters

Like most liberals, there appears to be two sets of rules when it comes to Rambler’s demand for political correctness. Although he does not want the name Redskins to exist or be uttered, it is perfectly okay for him to walk around in blackface as a joke for a Halloween costume.

On Thursday morning, after media outlets had begun pointing out Rambler’s blackface costume, he attempted to walk it back with a statement on Facebook.


Too late, Rambler. The damage is done and the world now knows that you are a raging hypocrite who, perhaps, is involved in the witch hunt against Dan Snyder’s Redskins for political expediency.

I wonder if Rambler has, or will, also attack a nearly 100% Native America high school located at Four Corners in Arizona whose mascot is also ‘Redskins.’ The Red Mesa Navajo High School proudly sports their name with the overwhelming belief being that usage of the term is not derogatory at all. In fact, Tommie Yazzie, the superintendent of the district, said, “I don’t find it derogatory. It’s a source of pride.”

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