Why is Ivanka Trump Meeting With ‘Climate Change’ Huckster Al Gore?


Updating the story below, global warming fraud Al Gore was caught by reporters after the meeting on Monday with President-elect Donald Trump’s liberal Democrat daughter, Ivanka Trump. Gore revealed that he not only met with Ivanka but also met with Donald Trump himself and the most of the meeting was with the President-elect.

Gore called the meeting an “extremely interesting conversation” and said it was “to be continued.”

Below is our report from Monday morning when it was believed that Gore was only meeting with Ivanka Trump:

Several news outlets reported Monday morning that President-elect Donald Trump is scheduled to meet with climate change huckster and global warming fraud Al Gore, an enviro-kook who believes that the internal combustion engine is “mankind’s greatest enemy” but sold his TV network to the Emir of Qatar-funded Arab news channel Al-Jazeera, netting him $100 million in oil money.

Trump spokesman Jason Miller has confirmed the meeting, to take place on Monday, but did not provide any additional details or comment on reports that the liberal Democrat daughter of the President-elect desires to serve as “climate czar” in her father’s new administration, although the Trump transition team has not confirmed that nomination.

Politico reported last week that Ivanka Trump is set to become climate czar, a fraudulent post invented by Marxist Barack Obama to further propagandize the global warming/climate change hoax, an evil scheme based on leftist’s desire to destroy American capitalism and give more unconstitutional control to the corrupt United Nations cabal of communists and socialists.

For his part, Donald Trump has called “climate change” a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese to damage the U.S. economy. Trump is correct that it’s a hoax alright, but the Chinese didn’t have to push the fraud. Hucksters like Al Gore, Obama, John Kerry and their ilk are doing just fine without the Chinese.

If Ivanka Trump is meeting with con artist Al Gore, it should be for one reason and one reason alone — to kick sand in his face and tell him his gig is up — not to give his profitable phony science scam legitimacy.


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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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