REPORT: Name of One Possible San Bernardino Terrorism Suspect is Revealed?

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On FOX News O’Reilly Factor on Wednesday night, Jim Hansen, a counter-terrorism expert, revealed to Bill O’Reilly the name that he has heard coming across numerous police scanners is Farooq Saeed. Hansen said that Saeed went into the Christmas party and left angrily. Although some say that authorities believe that he is the one who then returned and initiated the shooting, at the press conference Wednesday night, the police chief said he has no evidence that the individual who left angrily was one of the attackers.

Hansen said this is not that uncommon of a name. Therefore, police are searching for what mosque he may have been attending and if this is an Islamic terrorist attack.

O’Reilly was adamant that we must be very careful with this information because, if this turns out to be true, then we have another terrorist attack like the one ISIS took credit for in Paris and this will then have international implications and for Barack Obama on down.

He then turned to his other guest, another counter-terrorism expert, Aaron Cohen, for his thoughts. Cohen said that his sources on the ground, who are trained in active shooter situations, have told him the fact that the suspect has an Islamic name, the attackers went to a specific place for a specific reason with tactical gear that would allow them to inflict the maximum amount of damage and get out quickly, leads his sources to believe this could be an international related terrorist attack.

Cohen continued to stress that these are people who are trained specifically in active shooter situations.

O’Reilly pointed out that San Bernardino is not like New York, Los Angeles or Washington. Given the location and facility the men attacked, it didn’t seem like a statement that ISIS would make.

To this, Hansen had a powerful and scary response.

“Bill, America is one giant, soft target. If ISIS wants to create the most fear, hitting us in places that are not iconic is the best way to do it. It brings everyone into play and we are all now in play. So, I think this is an attack, and they don’t have to be tied to ISIS. They can be inspired by ISIS. They can just be people who believe that jihad commands them to kill the infidels, and doing that anywhere, even if they are doing that in the furtherance of a personal beef leads them to paradise and that’s what they are looking for.”

On The Kelly File, Catherine Herridge reported that her sources have told her that this name has been washed out. However, Representative Peter King says that he was given the name Farooq Saeed, as well as his date of birth, three hours ago. King says that it was this information that led police and FBI agents to the home in Redlands where the found the SUV. The SUV left the home and police were in pursuit.

From there, a chase ensued and gunfire was exchanged. FOX News’ Housley described the chase between police and the SUV as a slow-speed chase almost as if the suspects were going slowly with the intention to shoot at police.

Two suspects, a man and a woman, who are described as dressed in body armor and heavily armed, were killed. One officer sustained non-life threatening injuries.

In regards to this attack being the result of a dispute, keep in mind that the attackers were heavily armed, wearing body armor, had pipe bombs and other explosives. These things are a clear indication that this was a well-planned attack.

Housley says that his FBI sources have said they are being very cautious about releasing the name that they do have in part because they have not yet gotten into the SUV. They believe the SUV may be booby trapped and they, therefore, have to proceed cautiously. Housley said they will not say the name of any suspect until they get inside the SUV.

For additional information regarding the attack in San Bernardino today, including current updates, please go HERE.

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